Girling clutch cylinder thread size

(Benny) #1

The pipe from my slave cylinder to the new master no matter how I try will not
screw on the old one does. Maybe something is wrong with the thread.Does
anyone know the thread size?

(Gary) #2

Inlet port = 7/16NF; outlet port = 3/8NF.

(Robin O'Connor) #3

Use make sure the tube nut isn’t flared out from previous tightening.

(Benny) #4

Thank-you I’ll check threads for problems.

(Robin O'Connor) #5

Its the plain area prior to the threads that gets swollen from the compressive forces not the threads per se.

(Benny) #6

So file down the plain area a bit?

(Robin O'Connor) #7

Yes if it looks a bit swollen.

(Benny) #8

You remedy worked. I crimped,filed and sandpaper the pipe end and it worked.You saved me a ton of
time and work. Thank-you very much

(Puddinhead) #9

Benny, where did you source that new Brake Master pipe fitting ?


(Benny) #10

The brake master cylinder came with 2 banjo fittings as you know. I was able to
use the pipe fitting from my old cylinder.

(Robin O'Connor) #11

No prob, BTDT :)…

(Puddinhead) #12

Same here; but my '66 FHC new Clutch. BM, and Servo all have old rusty fittings; I can’t find anyone in UK who sells these fittings. I thought of adapting to -AN fittings but DOT does not approve of non racing brake lines.

'66 FHC