Girling damper oil

Going to check the Girling shock absorber oil levels- google and searches on here give quite a range of recommendations.
There is a shocker oil on classic oils that might be an equivalent
Any opinions, do’s and don’ts?

There is nothing specific I can see in the Jaguar Service Manual for 1946-1948 MK IV cars, but for a UK supplier I have used Moss shock oil - which they claim is ok for Girling and Armstrong lever type shocks of that era.

Other oils are available. Some people say to remove the old oil first, but I’ve only ever topped up - clearly different process if the shocks are on the car or on the bench. Make sure you extract any air before sealing back up the shock cap - I wait several minutes for the oil/air to settle (or crank the arm if the shock is off and on the bench).

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I used the same Moss product on my Mark V and XK120 rear shocks.