Girling rear brake caliper source & uprated brake pads

Hi, is there a recommended UK source for Girling rear brake calipers (1989 XJ40)?

Also can anyone recommend an uprated brake pad brand.

Thanks in advance.


Can I ask
1, why are you looking for replacement calipers,
2, why do you need uprated pads?

I bought mine from British Car Parts. Original Jaguar calipers that had been totally overhauled and re-painted original silver. No surcharge or need to return the old ones, and a two year warranty. That was about 3 years ago and they have worked perfect since. They also do brake ‘upgrade’ kits that include calipers, slotted discs and ‘Green Stuff’ uprated pads.

Hi Robin, I use the XJ40 calipers for a front disc conversion on another vehicle. I have used all the old ones I have collected over the past 10 years so I need to find a supplier.

I use Mintex uprated shoes on the rear of my converted vehicles so I was wondering what experiences forum members had with uprated rear pads.