Girling xk 140 56 shocks

Hi everyone:
I have original girling shocks on my 56 xk 140. Has any one tried
to refill these and what type of oil to use. This shock has no fill
plug but has a threaded top which unscrews. The jag book says
it can be rebuild. These shock seem ok except at last few inches
of extension it has no resistance. Car is 100 % original restored
frame off except the shocks.

I’ve done the Newtons on my Mark V, which have a fill plug on the side.
Fill gradually and keep stroking it until it is full.
Moss Motors has shock oil for British cars.
Motorcycle shops also have shock oil in various viscosities. Apparently they change it for different types of motocross events and weights of rider.

Besides oil, you will probably need to address the internal o-rings. A few years ago, several XK120 owners on this list were interested in rebuilding our C.7183 Newton shocks. These shocks have a threaded top, but no fill hole, similar to your Girling shocks.

Each of the Newton shocks takes four internal o-rings. Using the o-ring tables on the McMaster-Carr website, Viton square o-rings, Polyurethane abrasion resistant o-rings, and Buna-N soft o-rings were chosen. The rebuilt Newton shocks have been in use on my XK120 for four years and still seem to be working fine.

How much oil do I install in the shocks not to overfill???.
Or how to tell when it full.

The XK120/Mark VII Service Manual specifies 300 c.c. of oil for the Girling front tube shocks supplied to the Mark VII. I have no information whether this specification also applies to the Girling shocks supplied front and rear to the XK140.

From the Mark VII XK120 Service Manual:

Looks like Rob meant “130 cc”.