Giving away my XJ S1, S2, S3 lock and key collection... you pay shipping

I posted in the classifieds, and (sorry), I’m repeating it here. I’m giving away my XJ S1, S2, S3 lock/key collection. Free, you pay postage. I’m in Los Angeles. Must take all. See pic.

Ok im interested whats the catch are you located on some remote location that i will have to hire a guide or climb Mountains, or navigate a boobie trapped tunnel to aquire? Hehe.

I have a series 1 with a series 3 ignition cylinder a series 2 swb that a pop cycle stick will unlock and start the car
2 series 3 with doors that can be un locked with a stick.
None of which have the full set of keys original keys. Let alone valet keys.

So yes i am very much interested