Glad to pay for brochure but how?

I am totally baffled, i got to this forum via the old web link looking for 2006 XJ brochures. I was then directed to this new website. I then again tried to find the brochures but with no luck. Can someonw send me the directives please?

Thank you

As far as I recall you can’t buy brochures from either site and I don’t think there were brochures as recent as 2006.

I have a brochure and press pack somewhere if you PM me

You can see them and download them from here.

Good Morn Peter,

You’re very kind in your offer and I would certainly appreciate your help in getting the brochure.


I just found an XF/XJ/XK brochure in the same style but not the X350 version yet. It’s one of those things where you keep seeing it when you don’t need it but when you want it you can’t find it!

Remind me in a week or so when I’m not as busy on the magazine.

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Thanks Peter,

Please don’t use your time to send that particular brochure, I was just hoping maybe you had the specific 2006 X350 brochure that I’ve seen floating around the web. I really appreciate your kind thought though.

Take care

Hi Rob,

Thanks but I have tried to download from that site but all it does is just show you pages of the brochure. There appears to be no provision to download the brochure as whole.


No, but you can click on each page, then right click on it and “save image as” a jpg file. has the brochures in their eBay store I believe.

Thanks Rob, I guess you’re right, just save each image. I think the site Admin must have misunderstood my very first message, that being, can one donate to download the brochure? That’s what it appeared to me when I first went to Jag-lovers website.


Save As from the brochures pages are free. These are limited pixel or dpi scans from when we had the old web site and more limited picture posting ability.
Donations are welcome but voluntary.
This forum is for the 1968-1992 models, so you might be better to try the X350 forum, somebody on there might have one. Here you go. Nice original in great condition.


We don’t sell brochures, and the ones you found on the old site are the only ones we have.

Bottom line: We’re a volunteer run site, and we only have what information our volunteers upload. Unfortunately, we haven’t had anyone step into the role of brochure admin since the previous one left, years ago. I see we do have the 2005 model XJ8 brochure though, in fact, it’s one of the newest ones we have.

I’m an admin of this site, and I’m going to move this topic to a different category, Collectibles, where it belongs.

Please also beware, that although a 2006 XJ is indeed called an “XJ”, the XJ category is not the correct category for discussing technical questions about this model. There have been several different generations of the XJ, going all the way from 1968 through 2019, and some of them are very mechanically different from the previous generation. Because of this, we have different forum categories for the different generations. The correct category for questions about a 2006 “X350” XJ here on Jag-lovers, is the X300 category, which also includes the X350.

But like I said, this particular topic belongs in Collectibles.

Good luck, I hope you find your brochure!


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