Glass Replacem. Advice Needed

My 1990 drivers side back seat quarter panel window was shattered by vandals. Safelite has the OEM Triplex glass replacement but they do not want to attempt to install it because they stated it’s somewhat involved and basically above their pay grade… can anyone recommend either an auto glass or body shop that could do the replacement located in the San Francisco Bay Area? Thank you!


This sounds like they’re not scared of the replacement workload, but the bonuses they can find after removing the seal…

Give then the link below and some coffee money:

…to an individual with basic mechanical interest in your car, he/she’ll do it for you :wink:

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Replacing the rear quarter glass shouldn’t be any big hassle.
Can’t be much different from my 94, and that was no big deal.

Stephen D’Angelo

I find it amazing that most places, when they hear the words ‘it’s a Jaguar’ or see the XJ-S, they run for the hills. Is it the bad reputation, or are these people simply afraid to realize they aren’t that good?

Aye, I can relate to the Safelite guy passing on the job. Not in their every day glass replacement training. No profit. customer displeased. Job failure.

I would check with a well known body shop. Possibly a glass shop that does auto glass…


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I once had that rear quarter window out for some reason. I think it may have been when I was rebuilding those vent flaps in the C pillars. I recall I thought it was a PITA I had to remove the windows to work on the vent flaps in the C pillars. But then it didn’t seem all that difficult to get the windows out and back in.


Restoring the vent flaps? What is the purpose of the vent flaps? (Apart from obviously preventing clothes moths going back after final release…)

Most shops want quick turnover jobs anything that could possibly tie up a space for any reason means dollars down the drain.
Actually most skilled labor business’s operate on that business model whether it’s carpentry,welding, mechanical,HVAC ect

Wow… XJS Banger, what a recipe for replacement… thanks for the encouragement at least I know it’s been done before… interesting to read about the hidden booby prizes nestled in the cracks and crevices once the trim comes off… cheers…

Honestly, I don’t remember the particulars any more. I know those flaps let air out but not in, and you could hear them flap when you closed the door. And mine were shot, when I got in there I fabbed replacement flaps from vinyl IIRC.

Pretty sure they also keep water out. Otherwise it ends up in the rocker panel below the c-pillar / seat belt anchor. And eventually rusts thru.

YUP. turnover means everything… Time and space = $!!!

Yes Hagerty Insurance is gonna love this estimate to install!!, there’s no deductible…

Eatery. How many tale turned from 11:00 AM til 2:00 PM. Measure of success or lack thereof…