Glasspacks anyone

Anyone using glass packs e or similar …Im still on a quest for a getter exhaust sound

Lots of folks here have.

Not trying to blow off your question but try searching “glass pack” and filtering for just the E-type forum and you will find a ton of past discussions to get you started.

or click on the below link.

I put Magnaflow 2" straight thru’s on my car and I love the sound. Not as loud and raspy as glasspacks but nice rumble, and the more throttle you give the more they growl.


This is what I have on my V12. Sounds great!

do you perhaps have a part #/dimensions

Magnaflow 10444

They seemed like the closest dimensions to be “straight-through” for my system (which is not the big bore pipes).

you sure they are not 4"…diameter

I have a series 3 ots and the stock exhaust has a horizontal pipe connecting the right bank to the left just in front of the muffler. This has always seemed be a easy spot to place an electric cut out. I could wire it to the far left rocker switch on the dash which on the convertibles isn’t doing any thing. That way I could keep it quiet while cruising with my wife but open it up during rallys or racing, or when driving through tunnels, or whenever feeling immature and just want that raucous rumble. Any thoughts?


They are 4" outer diameter, 2" inner diameter. I wanted the inner pipe to match closely to my existing pipes so the gas flows straight through without any disruption.

Do you happen to know the case and over all dimension

John, the first link in that search you posted brings back so many memories. Somehow I missed it earlier on…

One of them goes back to 2001, franklin TN. JCNA event. Coming back from a tour of the jack daniels distillery in Lynchburg. I will never forget the sight of Ginger’s E-type next to mine, in the right lane. I could see her front suspension working while cruising well into triple digit territory:)

Holy Moly, I didn’t go, but I remember the Franklin event. It doesn’t seem like 18 years ago does it.

I would be afraid they would make the car sound like a six cylinder Ford.


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The glasspacks on my V12 sound amazing. Go for it if you haven’t already.

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I don’t know, when I installed my headers, and before I hooked up the exhaust system, I couldn’t resist firing her up. I was shocked!! That thing sounded bad ass!! That’s a dual overhead cammed Hemi , and it sounded every bit of it. I’ve built my share of v8 engines , and that xk motor has nothing to be ashamed of. Ford six, ? Not a chance.

I had them installed on my car last summer, and I think they are a nice balance between purr and growl. The car had straight pipes when I acquired the car, other than the rear resonanters, and that was too much of a boy-racer sound. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area if you’re close and want to hear.

On the V12, opening up the intake helps with the sound too. It s said that Enzo Ferrari would personally tune the intake of his cars not just for performance but sound quality.

I got rid of the air boxes a long time ago.

Years ago on a vintage rally, an expert Ferrari restorer told me he had never heard an E-type sound has good as mine.

Where did you get those intake covers? I have the glasspacks (sound awesome!), but I would love more induction noise.

Those are available from Moss. I happen to have one in the bag sitting here.

#223-230, basic SU pattern, 2.5" mounting holes, 1.5" center hole. Has the typical SU dashpot breather holes also.

They may have other models/sizes.

I’ve heard it: I can attest to the niiiiice sound!