Glove box question

(Gary Mees) #1

OK guys this is your latest challenge from me first and foremost I am in the process of restoring my wood using polyurethane and believe I am making a fair job of it, however I am not ready to fit everything yet and need advice on what to protect it with while I store it, I have had thoughts but not sure;
Cover them in microfiber cloths but worried the cloth will mark the finish
Cover them in bubble wrap but again worried the plastic will leave marks
Cover them in newspaper but pretty sure the print will come off as printer ink used to take years to dry.
Cover them in cotton sheets but not sure if that is a good idea.

The final question (see Photo) any idea what this number is on the bottom of the glove box lid.



(Ian) #2

Hi Gary , the number is 605 :rofl: sorry lol
Once the Polyurethane is 100% dry any cover will do
I wrapped mine in paper , date on paper is 1984 , only for 30 years :thinking:

(Andrew Waugh) #3

That is sort of what I did.

I sewed a set of bags out of landscape felt to store my wood. I made them so that the bits all fit neatly into a storage box. Just fold the stuff over, sew around the edge (plus an inch) of the part to make a pocket, Multiple pockets on one sheet keep bits together. The felt is stiff enough that the bits don’t flop around or scratch each other, I had most of a roll left over from another project.

I didn’t intend to store them for a decade and 4 storage relocations, but I did.

(Gary Mees) #4

Thanks for the responses , what is landscape felt ? I haven’t a clue and as my sewing skills are very suspect I would probably just wrap them and then put some tape on them.

I hope to wrap mine for less than 30 years but I have been working on this restoration since 1984 also I wonder why it takes us so long, I have lots of excuses :slight_smile: .

Also Ian I see you have the Jaguar ‘fine adjustment’ tool on your paint can, I have that tool also(very handy).


(Andrew Waugh) #5

Landscpe felt is a synthetic filter material used to stop sand washing down or plants rooting below the sand layer under flagstones. The same material is sold here to go under floating wood flooring. 2-4 mm thick.

Sewing is a bit like sheet metal work, except without the hammering or angle grinding.

(Gary Mees) #6

As always Andrew you are a fountain of knowledge like me (but I’m leaking :slight_smile: )
I will certainly go and get some of this but putting it through my wife’s sewing machine (if I knew how to work it) would get her attacking me with a hammer and angle grinder.

I also have one admin type question for you, I have created a sheet for when setting up the camshaft shims on an XK engine that the LOVERS may find useful, is it possible to post it on more than one forum at a time or do I have to go to each relevant forum.



(Ian) #7

Yes Gary , have a full set in diffrent sizes :+1:WP_20150201_009