{Godfrey has NOS XK120 bumpers for you.} For the truly OCD amongst us HEADS UP FOLKS!

Ok guys… so you’ve finished the frame… rebuilt the driveline sourced all the interior bits and bought a new top. BUT you haven’t got these! One each NOS brand new XK120 original factory front and rear bumper. these are NOT modern nasty repops… this is the real deal … you may never see any more… are they perfect… no… are they NOS … YES! absolutely as the factory supplied them from Jaguar spares… back in the day… great ORIGINAL quality… go find any more… good luck! This is your opportunity to add these to your restoration BEFORE I upcharge them to cover the usurious eBay fees… and this way you don’t get nicked tax by ebay either… a saving of a minimum of 25% so get then before they are gone… PM me before someone else does!