Good Jaguar Story

(Benny) #1

This car was on youtube in original condition, with a great explanation of originality.


(Jerry Mills) #2

That was well worth watching.
Had never seen that seat belt seal tag.

(Paul Wigton) #3

MUCH prettier, to me, than any 100 point trailer queen.

(Erica Moss) #4

That looks like a great starting point for a restoration. I’m just kidding…seriously just kidding (not kidding)

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(Geoff Allam) #5

No.No. No. You need that to park in the corner of the garage to refer to as you do the restoration on the rusted out hulk you bought in a moment of weakness!

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(Philip) #6

I have that tag on my 1966 S1 2+2. Also have the razor edge bonnet!

(Jack Terrick '66 FHC Greensburg, PA) #7

Thanks for sharing. Great reference material.

(paul spurlock) #8

That was a great video, no BS just the facts. My car had the crimped lead seatbelt tags but were round. The belts did not have the Jaguar logo. Since no aftermarket installer would have put the seals on the mounting points I assumed they were dealer installed with some interim belts. Until I saw this video it was just kind of a mystery.

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(Benny) #9

I have my original Dunlop tire in the boot. Mine is still shinny chrome and not brassy looking
from the fuel as is in this car.
The selling price for this car is $165,000.00, not bad

(Nick Saltarelli) #10

Very nice.

Wondering why they didn’t feature the tool roll when presenting how complete the boot is.

(69 FHC ) #11

With 25,000 miles on it the porcelain on the exhaust headers looks unblemished.

(Nick Saltarelli) #12

Also dull grey.

I appreciated him pointing out how crisp the edges of the doors and bonnet are. You see a lot of restored Es with 1/8” thick edges.

(alodmd) #13

Hi Benny, I have a restored 65 OTS that was an original 11,210 mile car. I kept and reinstalled the lead seatbelt tags, the original ignition coil, and the very small decal on the back side of the washer motor that says to mix with methylated spirits. I also reused the 1/8 inch black vinyl beading the fits on the rear of the tack rail just below the chrome trim on the convertible top. I wish some JCNA judges could see the color of the headlamp sugar scoops! They were never silver and many cars are restored with this incorrect color. They were GRAY SILVER, I was judged and points taken off because mine were exactly the color as original. Both judges said they were silver. Oh well at least Jaguar Cars used my car for exhibit for the 50th celebration in New York in 2011. The other benefit of such a low mileage car is the ability to reuse MANY parts, like ball joints which are knurled and not smooth, the gearbox was only resealed and shifts like a rifle bolt, ZERO play and all fasteners were replated and reused. Too bad you couldn`t arrange for some JCNA judges to observe such a correct car.

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(Geoff Allam) #14

I saw that and wish I could pretend I hadn’t! My drivers door has been reskinned in the past and the edge at the b post is thicker than it should be. I keep looking at it and trying to convince myself that it does not matter and I should just leave it. Now I have zero chance of being able to ignore it. :frowning:

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(Geoff Allam) #15

Do you have a paint match for the gray silver color?

(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #16

You should have been carrying the JCNA S1 E-Type judging as since 2003 it has called out the headlight buckets as being silver/gray in color.

(6 speed) #17

Excellent video, very informative and entertaining. And the car!

One thing that caught my eye was the Ed Roth Inc. “24 Hr Service” sticker on the door jam. No, not the Ed Roth many of us grew up with in the 60’s, famous for his Rat Fink character:

Apparently this Ed Roth was a well known MG dealer from Cherry Hill, N. J., (also Glassboro, N.J., moved at one point):

When I saw the sticker, I couldn’t imagine Ed Roth, the customize, offering maintenance on original E-Types.

(69 FHC ) #18

An interesting selection of full sized 63 Chevys in the foreground. Looks to be a low end Biscayne 2 door sedan and a high end Impala SS convertible.

(Les Halls 1968 S1.5 2+2 Atlanta) #19

The Ed Roth shop reminds me of the Sinclair shop in The Last Open Road.

(Rick OBrien) #20

Excellent video indeed. I was surprised to see body color bonnet guides (and bolts) next to cad plated bonnet locks. I checked the JCNA guide and sure enough some cars were made this way. My production date is within a month of this car. So maybe I’ll go with body color guides too.

Thanks for sharing
Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL