Goodbye to the XJS?

After looking at a few XJS coupes to buy, I think I’ll have to accept I’m just too big.

I’m 6’3". My head just touches the roof of the coupe, and my legs won’t fit unless there is a tilt steering wheel (I think '89 onwards, correct?) I may fit in a convertible, but I really want a coupe.

I have size 15 feet. Jaguar put a skinny little accelerator pedal tightly against the floor console siding and the brake pedal. So unless I wear ballet shoes, the left edge of my big shoe touches the brake pedal as I push on the accelerator.

I would need 2 more inches in height…is there any way to alter the seat bracket to lower the seat?

And I need to space out the accelerator/brake pedal. I assume this is a definite no go.


I’m 6’3" with size 15 feet, and I fit just fine – in my '83. I didn’t fit as well in later cars, though, notably after the seats got electric adjusters and heaters. All the upholstery seems bulkier in the later cars, so there’s less space for the occupant.

As pointed out in the Book, you can unbolt the seat from the floor, flip it over, unbolt the rails from the seat, and reattach them to the seat using alternate holes. This moves the seat farther rearward about an inch.

I converted my '83 to manual transmission, which involved cutting the brake pedal down to single-foot width and adding a clutch pedal. All that worked OK except that I couldn’t easily move my left foot past the clutch pedal to rest it on the floor. I would point out, though, that cutting a brake pedal down to a rational width (I have no idea why anyone thinks they need to be 10" wide!) is dead easy to do. Just drop by your local AutoZone and buy a replacement pedal pad that’s narrower than the one in the Jag, then cut the metal plate on the pedal to fit the new pad.

Hmm, good to know. I’ll have to figure out which ones are pre electric seats. Ive only been looking at 88-91.
Regarding pedals, I guess I could always take out the brake box and fit a custom new one pedal offset to the left?
I will not give up yet!

I’m also 6’3 have a 91 conv with a manual also. No problem with head or foot room. Now my 95 VDP is small , @ least for me . My head touches the headliner & seat is back all the way.

Why would you do all that hard work when cutting the brake pedal itself is so easy you can do it in the car?

Been reading a lot of the archives, the issue seems to be tall people who like to sit upright, like me. Those who recline back have no issues. Not sure if a seat with no heater will help, but I’ll at least try out the mid-80 xjs. Regarding pedal, good to know.

I’d love to learn about this. Would love to move that brake pedal over…

What’s to learn? Peel the rubber cover off the brake pedal and you’ll see that there’s a steel plate welded to the brake pedal arm. Go down to AutoZone and buy a replacement rubber cover for a Pontiac or something that’s the same height but not as wide as the Jaguar original. Hold the new rubber cover up to the pedal and mark off where to cut it. You can cut off the right end, the left end, or a bit off of each end. Five minutes with a hacksaw, a bit of filing to the rough edges and corners, and fit the new rubber cover. Other than the pedal now looks brand new, nobody will ever know it didn’t come from the factory that way.

Im 6ft 5, and have sat in 3 XJS’s - my 86 XJSC, my 90 convertible, and a facelift one.

The 86 XJSC is the best I’ve tried for tall drivers.


The earlier reach-adjustable wheel without airbag is better than later tilt ones, as you can swap the wheel with a smaller one.
The earlier non-electric seats are thinner - equals more room.
Obviously, headroom is infinite with the top down.
The facelift cars have a deep bolster under the steering column, which interferes with the shins of tall drivers.

Correction, not infinite. Gotta look out for low bridges!

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Just go get a big car…nothing looks weird as a monkey on a football

I wear size 14 shoes and I wear Vibram five finger shoes for driving. My feet don’t fit under most dash boards with regular shoes on. I change shoes and put the biguns on the rear floor and switch back when I get out.

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Aftermarket kits for seat heaters are available on E-bay, very reasonable. Install a sheepskin seat cover over the heater unit attached with velcro to the existing seat back or disassemble the upper seat…remove back panel allows access to seat back upholstery, loosen and push heater unit up inside between the upholstery and seat pad, connect a fused wire to switch mounted on console or inside console box and “Bob’s yer dad”

Best, JW