Goodwood Revival 2019

Anyone going to Goodwood this week ? I will be leaving in a couple of days. I always try to walk the parking lot on Friday and look at all the E’s. Looks like they have the live stream link set up to watch on line. It worked great for me last year. The Kinrara race on Friday evening usually has lots of E’s and is wonderful to watch them race into the night in such a nice setting. The TT race on Sunday afternoon also usually has lots of E’s including some Lightweights.

68 E-type FHC

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We are doing Friday this year. My E will be parked on the over the road show, in the JLR parking area immediately behind the JLR marquee. Entrance to this parking area is usually at the western edge of the field. Or, if the car has a pre-1966 parking permit, though the pre 1966 carparking area.

i will be going on Saturday and parking in the tax exempt area. Didn’t realise it had to be pre-66 to park there … mine is 1968, do you think they will be bothered? I have a ticket already.

Jonny I am not sure since I am coming from the USA but my hunch is you will be OK as long as you have the proper sticker etc. Below is photo I took in that lot in 2009. Notice that the E next to the Bentley has open headlights so it is at least a '67. The times I have been they appear to be trying to keep the traffic line moving so I do not think are checking exact years.

68 E-type FHC

There are several areas to CarPark B. The tax exempt is the main part of carpark B. Pre 66 cars have their own select area, and the JLR area should be open to Jags and Landies. The pre 66 area has a different parking ticket. JLR area, if the format is as in previous year, is drive to the western end and in through the gate.

Thanks Chris, which is the closest area to be?

I’m attending on Friday, sadly not in the Low Drag. If anyone wants to meet up either pm me or make a rendezvous with time via JL

As I recall from last year the pre 66 and the JLR areas are closest to the entrance bridge. Other makes and newer cars need to park 30 yds further back.

Let’s hope there is enough dry weather twixt now and Friday am for the ground to harden up a little

Pat, the low drag must be ready soon?

Phil, lots of other commitments robbed time over the summer months, also I have just purchased a stalled S1 FHC restoration which, due to space issues, has stopped progress. Hopefully the Low Drag will be running and driving this year. A slight change of plan with the direction of the build has also slowed progress, now looking to build to FIA appendix K regs so some of the work done has to be undone.

Do I remember correctly that the Live Feed was changed to a pay-per-view format last year?

If so, does anyone know if they are sticking with that this year?

Remember to bring a flashlight (torch) with you if you plan to stick around to watch the Kinrara on Friday evening. Nothing like trying to find your vehicle in a farm field in pitch blackness.

Ben last year when I watched the live stream it did not cost anything and I watched a lot over the 3 days. The camera work and commentary is first class. I tethered my tablet to my TV so I could watch it on the big screen. I do not understand why one of the cable channels has not picked it up yet. Much more entertaining then the plethora of auctions they show.

I think the Kinrara is the coolest race of the weekend. Great to see the brakes glowing in the dark and flames spitting from the exhaust. I am about to board my flight to LHR. I can’t wait.

68 E-type FHC

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wishing you better weather than I had


Due to personal reasons giving it a miss this year, but should be back in 2020 in our XJ6C in the Classic parking area for the whole weekend I hope!


PS. Watching the live stream at work all the time! :wink:

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No pictures yet, I’ve taken loads including many of E-Types, but not of the FHC that ended the race into the dusk this evening by destroying the tyre wall at Woodcote, and itself in the process. This post is about my good deed for the day. Back at my car, where I left it in pole parking position outside the JLR tent, I noticed a S3 FHC, bonnet up, unhappy passenger in the seat. I asked what was up.
Battery is dead, my husband has gone for help.
I have jump leads.
I’ll call my husband back.

Short story even shorter, S3 started from my jump leads and two Es went home under their own steam. More than can be said for the forlorn Alvis I encountered next.
Head gasket, he said.
Sorry I couldn’t help in that instance.

We had a great day, probably the best we’ve ever had at the Goodwood Revival, topped off by a warm and fluffy feeling of helping a fellow E-Typer in trouble.

Oh, and driving behind bright LEDs is to be recommended.

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Anyone catch the Mk2 hit the wall and roll over during practice today?

I saw the Mk 2 incident on the big screen and also looked like the driver made it out OK. The white #18 E-type got bent a little but they got it in the pit and pulled the body work away from the tire and got it going again.

FYI there are 2 Lemans winning cars that will be racing. The number 55 C-type in the Freddie March Trophy and the number 6 D-type Long Nose in the Sussex Trophy.

68 E-type FHC

I watch it on YouTube