Google chrome forum issues

Apologize if this has already been noted.

Over the last couple months, sometimes i cannot access forum on PC using Google Chrome. It loads fine, but i cannot scroll or click on anything. Only button that works is the donations link. I am already logged in. If i use a PC where im not previously logged in, forum works fine. As soon as i log in, same problem. I can easily access rest of jag lovers. Only the forum is an issue.

I am using my android device to type this, only way for me to use forum now. ;(

Greg have you tried clearing the cookies off the PC? I only log on via iPad or my Android phone.

Didn’t help.

I can use the new Jag Forum App on my PC, but the Forum won’t work through Google Chrome.

Works fine for me using Chrome on Windows, Linux and iPhone, Greg. Have you updated your Chrome recently? I seem to recall there was issues with really old versions on Apple products that would be longer update (I may be mixing my references though).

Finally figured it out. I had several odd extensions that I deleted, and now it’s working.