Got my YOM plates approved

I looked into that, for Margaret: this put me off the idea.

"By registering the above vehicle with horseless carriage plates the use of such vehicle is restricted to the following:
● Driving the vehicle to and from assemblies, conventions, other meetings, or occasions where such vehicles and their
ownership are the primary interest.
● Demonstrations, parades, and when their operation on the street and highway will not constitute a traffic hazard.
● Traveling to and from and while on local, state, or national tours held primarily for exhibition and enjoyment.
● The vehicle will not be driven on roadways for more than four thousand five hundred miles per year.

I’m jealous. I bought my car in June and still don’t have my title or registration. My plates are original from at least '72 and I’m trying to keep those. If I ever get the title business squared away, maybe might try for the YOM sticker.

Every state has similar rules for those kinds of plates. What matters is, Does the state enforce them.


The YOM plate sets the tone for the car IMHO.Its period in time and in photographs it makes the scene, TIMELESS.
Plus its another talking point.

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The YOM plate sets the tone for the car IMHO.Its period in time and in photographs it makes the scene, TIMELESS.
Plus its another talking point.

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My classic car insurance has an even greater limitation - 2500 miles per year.

“What matters is, Does the state enforce them.”

I wasn’t going to the time and expense to be the guinea pig to find out.

That’s why Margaret has standard Colorado plates on her.

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I was lucky that the Hemisfair was in San Antonio in 1968 so mine are a little more interesting. All I had to do is make sure I bought a nice set off ebay and take them down to a DMV office for them to approve and I got a 5 year sticker for them right away. This was several years ago so not sure if they still are this quick. I have not had any problems with them but did put one back on the front when I heard they were going to start enforcing that a few years ago.

68 E-type FHC

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All my previous sets of YOM plates have required a quick trip to the DMV, where a branch employee looked them over, and gave them the thumbs up.

For some reason, the ones for my E-type were classified as a “special case”, and had to be sent up ti Sacramento for review. I’m thinking it may have been like a “random screening” at the airport.

Not in my experience. I suspect if you are staying out of trouble they have better things to do with their time.

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Clip… clop… clip… clop… BANG!!!… clip… clop… clip…

Amish drive-by.


The DMV website now says all YOM’s have to be approved in Sacramento. They are being very picky in approving mine. Maybe a reaction to a lot of aftermarket plates being submitted as original ??

It’s illegal in most states to repaint your plates… That is why I sent the photographs of the plates for approval before I repainted them…

It is illegal to make license plates. If you do, you’re a criminal.

Anyone see the irony in that?


My understanding is that in California, it’s your responsibility to “maintain” your plates in a legible manner.

I asked someone at the DMV once if that meant they could be repainted, and they emphasized that it was my responsibility to maintain them…nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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Ahh, that would make sense then…the guy at my local DMV was an old car fan, and was known to make some exceptions on YOM plates.

Headquarters must have caught wind of that sort of thing, and made everything go through them.

Could you explain the process you went with these…are they repo plates or originals you had redone? where did the sticker come from?

Is that question for me?

They are unrestored, original plates. You have to have a matching pair. The sticker is a repro, and they are readily available on eBay. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be an original sticker, but mine was accepted.

You take them to the DMV, fill out a one-page form, and they assign them to your car. The additional fee gets added to your annual registration.

There many dealers across the country who will have a big selection of plates as well as the stickers or metal tags that may be required.

I got my most recent (AZ) plates from a local guy who uses the name ‘Weechie’, his email is He had a lot of Arizona of course but also many other states.

A dealer who is a member of ALPCA (Automobile License Plate Collectors Association) will be able to properly grade the plates he is selling and will understand your needs:

Rather than restore, you may be able to find a mint set you like. Expect to pay more for good condition of course.

Going this way vs eBay may also give you a big selection to choose from for a sequence you like. My dyslexic XKE plate:

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