Gray Strip of Metal

A piece of gray metal 27 1/2” by l 1/2” with 5 evenly spaced 1/4” holes came in the trunk of the 73 xj6 car. I will attempt to include a photo.

Does anyone know where this belongs?


Don’t believe this is a XJ6 part.

Maybe the part that the spare wheel cover sits on?

I think that you might be right, Con. Paul

Yup, I can’t think of another spot on the car that is straight.

Later, I’ll take mine to the gas station. first test after it’s ignition fix.


It goes on the bottom of the spare tire cover. Here is a pic from my 1980 xj6.
well maybe not. How do I post a Jpeg?

Bob: When you have finished writing a post, but before you do anything else, click on the upward facing arrow above the text box. . That engables you to include a photo from your computer file, with your post.

Thank you Bob. I just realized yesterday what you were referring to.