Grease gun bargains

There are very few auto jumble bargains these days, I like a car boot sale. You have to look hard, and long. I picked up all these 4 guns today for £4.I think at least one is good for my 140 .

4 pounds, that’s fantastic.
Depending on your chassis number, either the 2788 or the 3021 will be correct for your 140, and the other you can sell to a 120 or 150 owner for quite a bit more.

I imagine a car boot sale is like what we call a garage sale (single seller), and an auto jumble is the same as our swap meet (field of sellers).

I once walked around a swap meet in Iola Wisconsin wearing a sign saying Wanted Grease Gun with a picture of the Tecalemit Plastigun. People kept offering me grease guns for a dollar or two, so pretty soon I had a collection of Alemite guns, but no Tecalemits.

A car boot sale in the UK is a field of may be 500 sellers getting rid of unwanted stuff . There are usually traders that have done house clearances, they, are the ones to head for.

Ahh, then the equivalent American term would be “flea market”, many sellers of new and used commercial and household stuff but not all automotive.