Grease or fluid

Do I need to put grease or fluid in the rear hub housing assembly?



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I appreciate your response very much. I will probably have many more questions. I am glad to have found this place. Thanks so much

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Hi Melvin, welcome to the interesting world of Jaguar care. The first thing you should do is explore this site and find Kirby Palm’s “Experience in a Book” . You can download it at no cost, and it contains much information on how to maintain these challenging cars. The second thing to do is to actually spend time reading and absorbing this information, which you may find overwhelming at first.
There is a vast amount of knowledge scattered around the members on this forum, most of whom will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and the archives on this site will help too. Most problems have already been handled by others in the past and there is rarely anything “new.”
You should add your engine size to your profile, which will help others who might answer your questions.
When you add grease to the rear hubs, go easy. Add grease to the fill port, but stop when it appears to be full. Don’t pump the grease in with a grease gun, or you will have a greasy mess after a while behind the hubs. The car will attempt to rust-proof the rear fender wells.
Good luck!

Melvin. Add info to your profile identifying year of your car and engine. And coupe or convertible. The info helps posters help you. Welcome to the forum.
Any relation to Earl Kiker who used to post on here?