Grease to be used where gearbox input shaft goes into pilot bearing?

I will be putting a new clutch in my car as the graphite in the throwout bearing is spinning and wearing quickly as I am adjusting the free play often.

The Borg and Beck Clutch kit (currently installed) came with a small package of grease and said it is to be put on the input shaft where it goes into the pilot bearing. I did this.

I did soak the new pilot bearing in oil for a few days before I put it in (but I wonder if it is actually porous like it should be!)

Does the Forum have any thoughts as to whether this Bork and Beck Grease should be used on pilot bearing/input shaft? I will be getting a new Borg and Beck Clutch kit.

Dennis 69 OTS

Just use it sparingly: if you are using an oillite bushing, they need little external grease.

Thanks Paul.
What is an oilite bearing? I installed a pilot bushing from XKs unlimited last time and it did not look porous.

As I recall, mine looked like a sintered bronze material.

Why would Borg and Beck suggest grease if the shaft is to go into an oil soaked bushing?

Don’t know. Could the same clutch be used for other makes?

This is what I wonder?
I wonder if the grease might thicken up over time or perhaps get thicker with clutch disc dust and cause drag to the input shaft which would wear synchro rings over time


I thought that perhaps the grease was to only be used when gearbox input shaft is put into a ball bearing type pilot bearing (not bushing)


If you haven’t inserted the bush just rest one end on your thumb and fill it with oil then press your other thumb and try to compress the oil, if it’s porous then you will see the oil exuded to the outside of the bush.

I installed the same kit last year. Pursuant to Section #10 of the installation directions that relates to grease packet included, the grease is to be applied to the spigot bearing - see attached: 65C866CB-DD52-4236-A369-DE8ECA7B38EE_4_5005_c

Have you any idea why your current bearing is failing? Are you using a standard clutch slave with an externally mounted return spring?

i would definitely not oil or grease anything near polished steel graphite intersites ? as that is what the graphite is meant foo like an oilproof mechanical seal for water seals otherwise super hard service. i love graphite so black and hard and pretty!

Yes. All is standard. Apparently the graphite can fail ad rotate and then eventually it wears down and fragments to bits

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do not agree and 20 more bs comments too

Hi John,

I do not understand what part of the thread you do not agree with. Can you tell me?

Dennis 69 OTS

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just peavey sorry! polished clean surfaces last forever virtually if they can do first warm up and ten feet. inmy arrogance do not mean to offend.

Oh. I was unaware of that failure mode.

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Philip Dobson

I’ve swapped clutches in bearing type and bushing types.
a dab of “wheel” bearing grease was my choice. Hight temp!! : " alittle dab will do ya" was my guide".

No issues attributable to the grease…

Fortunately for me, never encountered a graphite throw out bearing. “interesting jaguar engineering”/

A few years a go, the guy down the street imported a flipped Morris Minor woodies. he howled a bout the graphite “junk”…

He showed me the best one he had. A right hook Woodie from down under. Datsun power!! It fit right in…


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