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As the giddy new owner of a Series 1, I decided I needed a really nice key fob to go with a really nice car. Hunting around a bit I discovered Classic Leather Fobs in England, and today the new fob arrived. It may seem a bit trivial to get excited over a key fob, but I’ve just got to give them a shout out here as the quality is superb, and the service was very quick, even with the overseas shipping. In the pictures on their website, the 3D detail on the badge just doesn’t quite show up, but in one’s hand this thing is lovely.


Very nice. I need a new fob and will check this out.

Have you seen the below book. If you like fobs it’s a must buy. Really cool compilation:

I haven’t seen that book, but Richard at Classic Leather Fobs quotes it quite a bit in the descriptions of his fobs and some of the originals that he also sells. While the book looks pretty interesting, I don’t think I want to spend more for a book about fobs than I did for the fob itself!

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I got Richard to re-mount an original fob for me recently. He was excellent to deal with and did a really beautiful job.

Is this an original or period fob?

No. Up until May 1962 the ‘Wings’ fob #5194 was offered as an option:

After that date the ‘Growler’ fob #9036 was the other additional option:

The SPC says that the colour of the leather could be stated when ordering although I have never seen anything other than black. Reading the SPB it seems the colour option was only available on the earlier ‘Wings’ fob. Both fobs were made by Castle Union Developments (marked CUD on the reverse of the metal). Full details can be found in Bud Marston’s superb book on the subject where he includes all the after-market fobs that were available.

All other fobs are after-market. This CUD chequred flag was a popular after-market fob in the UK and was supplied by at least one Jaguar dealer (P. J Evans in tthis case):

So just to be clear David, are you saying that there are only two original Jaguar factory issued key fobs…5194 and 9036…that are correct for the entire run of the E-type?

For the S1 cars the torpedo shaped 5194 and 9036 were Factory original
S2 owners were offered only 9036 (Growler) fob but tthe leather changed from torpedo to teardrop at some point.
S3 owners were offered only the 9036 fob by the Factory, teardrop in shape:


No idea when the change from torpedo to teardrop took place. Outside of those three fobs there were hundreds of after-market variants which is why Bud’s book runs to 285 pages of colour photographs.

be careful… it becomes addictive. These are all from Richard. His work is so good I had to have more than one even tho I have only one Jaguar.


Is the far right one the correct one for a 1966 FHC? It seems “fatter” than the original shown on Richard’s website in the gallery of originals.

The one on the far left is a copy of the CUD fob that Jaguar supplied up until 1968.

What number did you order? This looks like the correct shape and badge for post 1964, according to their website, but I only see the “fatter” one being offered. My S1 is a '66.

David, thanks for your input. According Richard’s website, they say that particular badge was only used up to 1964 and the checkerboard thereafter. I know this is an inexact science, but would like to get a copy of one that Jaguar would have supplied for a '66 S1. I am confused as to what is “correct” over what seems like a trivial matter. But, I have a more keen interest as I actually reproduced early MB fobs at one time.

I own the CUD torpedo chequerboard fob pictured above. I can date it to pre-1966 as it has the old style telephone number MID 1271 printed. The Birmingham area changed to all number dialling in 1966 and it would have become 693 1271 after that date.

There is a view the torpedo shaped fobs fell out of fashion by 1964 and the teardrop fobs began to appear which would mean for your 1966 car there would be a CUD manufactured badge on a teardrop fob - possibly. I am not convinced the chequerboard fob was ever offered by the Factory as all references to ordering fobs for both saloon’s and the E-Type reference back to part 9036 - the red ‘growler’. Given Jaguar’s penchant for saving money wherever possible I can’t see them stocking a key fob specifically for the E-Type (chequerboard marked E Type) when a generic badge would cover all requests whether from a saloon or E-Type owner.

Anyway, for your '66 car the one fob that was consistently and unequivocally available to order was the Jaguar wings #5194 fob. JCNA made a fantastic replica but I am not sure it is still available. If not then JAG 7 or JAG 12 on the classic fobs site would be the next best. Bear in mind the fobs were a very slow moving line and it is likely the earlier design was supplied well beyond 1964. I have originals of both chequerboard and growler fobs - the latter is of a much higher quality and nicer to look at and hold. It is the one I use.

Maybe worth investing in Bud’s book or contact him directly and get his thoughts.

Thank you for that explanation!

I see this on the Classic Fobs site and it looks like the same badge as mine pictured below. I’ll have to look at the back of it to see what it says. As you can see, the leather looks worn. The 2nd owner had it 39 years after buying it in 1976. The original owner, he surmised, took a Euro delivery (Henley distributor and Personal Export Delivery is the dealer). It’s possible this fob may have been with the car for its life considering all the other original bits that came with it even if not in use. I’ll look when I get home at the back. I think I have another key on an old fob with the records.

I am no authority on which is right or wrong. I just liked his work. the one on the right was in his bargain section, the price was too cheap to pass up.

I recommend you watch his website and and dont procrastinate, some of his offerings dont last and they are not offered again.

Richard makes it clear his work is not to be passed off as originals, unless he specifies the badge is an original ( and charges for it)so generally they have no markings on the backs, then he embosses the backs of the leather with his logo.

I think his workmanship is far superior to the originals. and a lot less expensive.

Here’s what I ordered:

That now is pictured as the fatter one, also the far right one above which fob looks wider than yours.


When you go on their website, you pick the fob shape option you want. The one you’re referring to is the “teardrop” leather, while the one I got is “Slimline Teardrop”. Rectangular and Shield options are also available. Your choice.

I wrote a thank you note and picture to Richard after receiving my fob, and it’s funny but I just got a note from Richard asking permission to use my note on his testimonial. So now if you go to that fob on his website you’ll see my comments and the same picture I posted here. Nice company to do business with, super product.

I’m sold. I will be ordering the slim teardrop in navy blue.

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