Greetings all-once again...more fun with the toy

(wytchdoktor1) #1

i am pleased to announce that i am fully a civilian citizen of this great nation and now i can be the help…and sometime annoyance that i have aspired so dilligently to be in life.
there’s an update for the may head accomplishments. mind you,only the ports have been matched. these critters are otherwise stock save for a camshaft change(or two) along with a bit of f-ery in the spring and spring retainer dept(not cheap). all accomplished with head on block (much to the dismay of my air compressor for a couple of hours). at the rear wheels 400 hp is NOT the upper limit of what can be had with these heads even in the rough factory form they were supplied in.
seems there’s an older american counterpart made by the chrysler corporation called a ‘polysphere’ combustion camber. that had been proven to flow and combust better in some applications than the hemi did. i had noticed direct similarity between the two and what happens next i will document and post on a set of 5.3 heads nib consenting,of course.
come to think of it…318 polyspheres were stuck in early 60’s pleasure craft…i digress. :slight_smile:
also in the mods is the installation and so far…trouble free installation of the control head i posted a while back. tweaks to the programs…85psi fuel feed pressure both pumps on…larger capacity injectors(what fuel mileage?)…sane(and not) shift patterns for te 4l80e…subsequent destruction of the a/c compressor(oops…spun too fast me thinks) the numbers are:
480rwhp(it peaks then dives about 200 rpm later)
181 mph at an undisclosed air strip in the wee hours of the a.m.
thanks again from all of us to the fields management.we had a blast. it’s old…it’s scary past 150(for obvious reasons) but it’s fun if not a bit dollar hungry 0-60@5.4 sec/avg and skinny(225/50 r16)
so.if the poly chamber is used for a ‘guide’ if you will, after crunching the numbers i see no real reason that at the crank,mind you the majic 100hp/litre couldn’t be reached. in practice this reminds me of the single cam japanese four bangers through the 70’s. just with better metals and more of them.
the goals now: 100 hp/l on pump gas with no more than 7500 rpm redline(hooray short stroke engines!) keeping in mind the< 4k ft/min piston speed rule. longevity is important.
as always…enjoy the days we are given for all too often they seem too few.

(Paul Wigton) #2