Grille below windscreen & heater controls

I got my Daimler 250 about 5 months ago and I’m slowly getting to know him.

Although he’s basically sound (I hope) he hasn’t had much use in the last 5 years. Things are loosening up now he’s getting more use and some faults have even cured themselves but although some jobs which might relate to that have been done there are still lots to do.

I can’t move the Vent lever much (the grille lifts about 3mm and although I can get a grip on it I’ve pulled quite hard and it won’t move much further. I don’t want to break anything!
Also the Screen/Car lever doesn’t move at all.
I guess they are rusted up, although there is no evidence of this from the outside, but how do I get to them?
I can see some bolt heads underneath the black panel that holds the switches & gauges but I’m afraid that if I undo these and pull the panel far enough forward to get inside, all those 50-year-old, stiff & fragile wires will be very unhappy and the electrical gremlins will be let out of their cages.

Any advice?

If you’re pulling straight out that’s the wrong action - the little acuating lever moves sideways. Give that a try if you haven’t already. Ask me how I know. Paul.

Thanks Paul

I’d like to know how you know !!! :smile:

Mine doesn’t move sideways but it does move a bit if you pull it, and the grille opens a bit. But as soon as you let go of the lever the grille shuts again :slightly_frowning_face: :

I worked it back and forward thinking it was broken - then fluked a movement sideways and up it went. Paul

Picture will help you to see how it works , I would guess the mounting points the bar goes through have rusted , as you can see the bar is quite long from operation point to the first mounting point ,so will twist before it is free at the mounting point , I would try spraying WD40 or the like around the bolts you can see , maybe try moving the flap as well , it is sprung loaded !

Clearly up and down not sideways. I have to stop sniffing glue. Paul

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