Grille to Bonnet Webbing Lacing

My old original 3/8" webbing/lacing looked like brown. I washed a piece of it, and it turned a lighter color. I begin to suspect it may have been white when new.

Does anyone know what color it was originally?

Who sells this stuff now?

My 1930 Ford Model A has lacing that looks very similar to what is on my Mark V radiator. I have no idea if it is the same as what you might need, but it is worth a look at Ford Model A parts suppliers (Bratton’s, CW Moss, Snyder’s, Ecklers, Mac’s Auto Parts, …).

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Bonnet Rest Tape - Coachfittings and Body Parts - Vintage Car Parts

The original color is medium tan or brown. Never white. I purchased a roll a few years back, from Cordell Newby. There were suggestions that powdered graphite was rubbed into the webbing, to prevent chaffing against the bonnet!

The bonnet rest tape used on many classic cars was protected from rotting by passing it through a bath of Creosote. This left the tape a medium brown colour and in fact one could detect differences in shade even on the same production line. For those who are not familiar with the name, Creosote is a product of coal tar used to protect fencing panels and wooden railway sleepers.

Creosote was in effect banned under UK health and safety legislation about the same time as a ban on oil base paints. When this ban came into place this particular process was transferred to Asia, if I remember correctly to Malaya.


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Where I sourced the stuff for the Jeepster.

Searching “3/8 woven cotton vintage hood cowl lacing” gets 100 hits, all manner of cross sections, ovals, rectangles, figure 8s, half moons, and none of them give the size, just the applications.
I’ve sent inquiries to a few of them.
If I get no answers I’ll go to Worcester or Beck, but I was hoping to avoid international ordering.