Hagerty Valuation terminology

When looking at the valuation for my 1956 XK140 SE OTS on the Hagerty site I always see the following language: “Note: the MC option is also referred to as an SE. +$6,000 for M option, -10% for auto.”

The pricing I am using is specifically for the MC (SE) model so I’m wondering what exactly is the “M option”?


There are three ‘factory’ identified models.

  1. The standard/ base XK140 that has a chassis number with no letter prefix so just a six digit number starting with an 8xxxxx.
  2. Then you have the XK140 SE that is referred to in USA only as an XK140M. These add wire wheels, twin exhaust etc but no engine upgrades and are identified with a chassis number with an A prefix, thus A8xxxxxx.
  3. Top of line model is the XK140 SE with C-type head, referred to in USA only as the XK140MC. These are as per an XK140 SE (XK140M) but now add the upgraded C-type headed engine and are identified by having a chassis number with an S prefix thus S8xxxxxx. The engine number also adds an S suffix thus Gxxxx-8S.
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Thank you Roger!.

So…since my car chassis number is S812806 and my engine number is G8938-8S I would use the valuation specified by Hagerty’s condition (1,2, 3 or 4) and add $6,000 to that valuation?
Also, while there is no additional valuation for the close ratio gearbox specified by Hagerty would that also be an item that adds to the value or was it common enough that it’s not really of consideration? My gearbox number is JL 36027 CR.

Thanks again!

Chet, you may just be curious about your 140s value, or value for insurance purpose, or value for sale…quite different sometimes… Haggerty is generous in what you set for insurance value…as you pay more…per $1000 of value…but it is an agreed value…no quibble in a loss. The value you insure for is what you get. For sale value…varies a lot…When a buyer with deep pockets likes a particular car…that is available in the moment…it can be whatever they are willing to pay. Then there is value with a picky appraiser…say as in the tv show…whats my car worth…very picky as to condition. Nick

All very true Nick and well said.