Hand brake mechanism for 140 FHC LHD

Hello, i am looking for the Part N° C 8315 : the hand brake lever mechanism for a 140 FHC
LHD ( connecting link not needed)

(Include at least one picture)

Hello, have you had any luck finding your part? I’m restoring a basket-case 140 OTS, and find I have C8315, but nothing else! I need the connecting link and all the stuff on the underside. I do have the cable and compensator, but need the operating lever shaft, springs, levers, pins, etc.

Have you come across any of these items in your search? Meanwhile, I’ll ask my local Jag buddies if they know the whereabouts of a spare C8315.


Woo-hoo! I found the missing parts, all except C.8316 Connecting Handbrake Lever. Do you have a spare by any chance?

Hi Bora , sorry but i don’t have any spare part

Some of the brake parts I have extra.

Possibly under floor linkage for 120-140 handbrake too

Hello XK-SS,
Sorry for the late response.
I need a C.8317 End Lever. I believe I see 3 in your photo.
Also, my chrome handbrake lever and “guts” are trashed and missing pieces. Note it’s the later “fly-off” type, but I think I could convert if needed.
Could you please contact me with quotes for the End Lever and handbrake lever assembly?
Much obliged!

Where are you? Call me 360-877-2301 Hoodsport WA.
Mike May