Handbrake assambly

Hey guys,
I have 2 questions

  1. Does anyone have a sketch of how the E brake cable assembly should be?
  2. What is supposed to connect to this pipe?
  1. Here it is. Apologies, just can’t think of anything more complicated than parts shown below. Are you after something specific?

  2. This looks like “secret pipe” of railroad’s engine operators, allowing their precious stolen diesel fuel drip into their pockets throughtout the shift. Not sure what it is doing in your XJS. Assuming that there is a lid behind the sump tank and the fact that you have inboard brakes - probably speed bleeder of some sort installed as an “upgrade”. There is nothing like it made by factory…

I found this hose, those it should fit there ?

Good illustration. Lemme explain an issue I had. The end of the handbrake cable slips into one clevis while the end of the housing slips into the other. There is a slot in each to allow the cable to slip into place. On mine, stress – possibly from somebody applying the handbrake very hard – had spread one of those clevises a little bit, making the slot for the cable a bit wider than it should be. It also made the clevis jam a little in that yoke it fits into.

I managed to squeeze that clevis back to its original shape. Then I made one change to the assembly: Rather than the cable slots pointing outward as shown in this illustration, I spun each one around so the slots faced the calipers. This makes it a bit more difficult to assemble, you have to feed the cable through the space between clevis and yoke. But I believe it makes the clevis a hair stronger because in order to spread it would have to push the inner part of the yoke open.

This hose goes from pressure purge solenoid to the underside of the car. Topic of “unusual design” (at least in UK 3.6/4.0) version is here: