Handbrake sudden loss of effectiveness

one day with no warning my handbrake just pulled right up, with no feel whatsoever… cables seem to be okay… handbrake never abused prior to this ???

Follow the problem. Does the cable also move the brake mechanism, what does the brake drum (I assume) look inside?

The rear calipers are both hydraulic and mechanical.
I really wish people would include a MY because Jaguar issued so many TSBs and they are mostly VIN specific.

Gonna take a stab and just post some info for the early X400.

XT206-03 Excessive Travel Of Parking Brake Lever.pdf (140.3 KB)
XT206-08 Parking Brake Cable Adjustment.pdf (22.8 KB)
XT206-R957 Parking Brake Lever Replacement.pdf (254.4 KB)

sorry mine is a 2002 3.0 sport manual 5 speed.