Hanging brake on one wheel

Just had an interesting afternoon, a friend had been knocked back on his warrent of fitness for a dragging front r/h brake. He had proceeded to get the calliper overhauled but the problem was still present.
My over the phone consult was heading for either the calliper not serviced correctly and second choice was residual pressure (collapsing brake hose?)
Turns out it was neither of those.
When the car was jacked up everything checked out except the inside brake pad didn’t appear to be sitting in the cradle correctly.
I removed the calliper cradle and checked things out, nothing appeared out of the ordinary so I re-assembled the brakes and now the pads were both sitting where I would expect.
Tested the operation and the wheel was now turning as free as I would have expected, just the slight drag of pads on disc.
Don’t you just love/hate it when things go right and theres no apparent reason :imp: