Happy Christmas to one and all

(Ian) #1

Well yesterday I fittead the rear Goodridge brake hose , after Christmas I will bleed all 4 calipers again , but for this year my spanner work has stopped !

Nothing else comes to mind as a improvement to add next winter , only a LSD , that would be nice but at a great cost , and no real benefit , unless I go off road !

Next year I hope to use the car more then the 800 miles this year , but I was out of action in the heat wave in the UK for health reasons , so mist out over 12 weeks of fair weather driving .

Next year is the 50th Anniversary of the end of the production of the MK2 ,I have had my car for 38 years now !

Well before the internet , in them days you had to drive to shops , to buy your parts , or over the phone from adds in Papers and Magazines ,

Now days with the internet life is so much easier to buy parts , get the best price and so on , and web sights like this are a great help , in problem solving and help , like most things , there are more then one way to do something , that’s what makes the world go around , if we was all the same , and one was the best , we would all be driving around in Old English white 3.4 MK2 Jaguars right :sunglasses:

Well happy Christmas from Merry old England , and many miles of trouble free driving, from me and my Car !

(Phil.Dobson) #2

Fantastic looking car and what superb history.
i am hoping to get my project car back from the body shop early Feb. then the fun begins. up rated engine is but as is the gearbox & O/D. My diff is due to go for a Power Lock upgrade early Jan. i have rebuilt the front beam and installed a manual steering box rebuilt with a increased ratio ( i want heavy steering for motor sport).
ill send some updates soon.
Seasons greeting, heath and happiness to all.