Happy Thanksgiving Folks!

There are so many of you that I’m thankful for being able to go to with issues with my Series 2. I’ve been a participant for over a year now and this is still the first place I log into with my coffee in the morning and the last place I check before calling it a day. I know for a fact that many of the projects I’ve undertaken in the past 15 months could not have been done without input from many of you.

Thank you all and I hope you have have a Happy Thanksgiving to all.



From Omaha, I extend the same wishes to you, and all other listers!!


Well said!

And for a holiday chuckle, this is from a local market. I think it was the icer’s first day with the bag. Is that a turkey or Mr Hanky?




Enjoy guys!..
Hopefully 2022 we have an even better ETYPE driving year!

You’re in Omaha for Thanksgiving? You should stop by for a garage tour and chat. I have a family dinner to attend in Omaha as well, but will be back home later this afternoon and all day tomorrow.

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Happy holiday to all listers and families.

Heading out to MA for too much food and a few adult beverages in 90 min.

Breakfast is black coffee only because I already know what the hors d’ oeuvres are

Polenta bites wild mushroom and fontina crostini
Sweat and sour Butternut squash Gruyerre crostini

just to name two


Thank you so very much! It was a huge pleasure to finally meet you and to see your beautifully and tastefully modified E type!


Whilst we don’t do thanksgiving here …. Best wishes to you all……. But we do Black Friday ….we only imported the commercial imperative !


You do observe the 4th of July, though.

It’s between the 3rd and the 5th…:grimacing:

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Yep sure do …… on the 26th January……

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Happy, happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Ours was last month, but best wishes to all our American friends. This sent to us today from family south of the border …


Central Market? :wink:

Nope the HEB, founded by Harry E Butt

All home made. Even if I get this car together, I am not going to fit inside it.


Yuk ! And twenty more :joy:

I’d skip right over the cookies and aim for that cheesecake. I’d regret it afterwards but it would be worth it.


With cheesecake?

We gotta talk, Moss.

Lactose, so many lactose.