Hardware securing alternator

i had the alternator repaired to fix a loose wire.
now is a good time to check nuts and bolts orientation. and what type washers being used?

I think this shows what you want to see…

thanks john. i was hoping for a schematic or detailed pix of the nuts, bolts, washers and spacers.
for a 1969

series 2 ots

That looks like it to me- isn’t that diagram correct for your car?

i have a different mounting bracket.

OK, where are you folks getting all the diagrams that show the nuts and bolts?

OK here are two different alternator mounting exploded views from the SC Parts catalog. The link will take you to the catalog page and there you can click on the pieces to see them but they don’t give sizes…

thanks. that is very similar to what i have.
also what is the best way to get the alternator belt tight?

I usually loosen the locking bolt at the top of the alternator and pull outward - tighten the bolt - Voila!

i cant quite get enough leverage to get the belt tight.
also, only the top bolt/nut is tightened to keep alternator locked in place? the lower bolt/nut is loose enough allowed to let alternator swivel?

Both bolts should be fully tightened, after belt tightening.

Try using a lever of some sort against the motor. Wood or plastic preferred so as to not mar the surfaces.

It doesn’t have to be super tight…

True: the lower bolt should have a NyLok nut on it.