Harlem's Home! - Hood Latch - HELP!


Hi Guys,

LTNS on this forum (I’m usually on the XJS forum). After being in the care of a “friend” (:angry:) for many months now, I finally have Harlem, my '00 XJ8 w. 180K miles, back home. :smile:

Unfortunately, Harlem returned to me with the same few issues she had when I loaned her out. She has also returned with a lightly-dented right rear fender (someone backed into her at a parking lot and fled) and her bonnet not opening anymore. The dent uncovered the fact that she is apparently riddled with rust under her “Anthracite Pearl” paint :open_mouth: (what happened to all that “advanced rust protection”, zinc-coating, etc. of the latter-model Jags?).

Anyway, as to problem priority # 1, when you yank on the hood handle the locks do NOT disengage. I don’t know if the cable has actually broken apart, both come loose from the pair of locks, or somehow both locks went belly-up at the same time, until I can get the hood up. What a Catch-22. :confounded:

I remember some time back someone mentioning on JLers a way to get the hood open whenever the handle has stopped functioning. IIRC, it involved reaching under a fender and pulling or pushing on a piece/tab of metal or plastic. Anyone know how to do that?

(gary breyer, 09 X358 LWB Sovereign, Liquid Silver/Warm Charcoal. Ex Ministerial car.) #2

I don’t think there’s a tab to release the bonnet/hood. From memory, you have to remove a wheel arch liner and drill a hole. Search the archive, there should be a full ‘how to’ there as it was a common problem.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #3

Correct Gaz! I think Jeff Watson posted it and as you say it will be in the archives.


GEEZ! :astonished:… Well, if I have to, I have to … will check the article … thanks guys!