Harman Kardon head unit acting up

I have a 1996 XJ12 with the Harman Kardon head unit in the dash witha CD changer in the trunk. Recently, the unit has declined to respond to any of the buttons. It will not turn off nor will it change radio stations or switch from radio to cassette or CD. I removed the fuse to try to “reboot” it without success. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might solve this issue?

Jeff Kahler

The head unit AND CDDJ is ALPINE but the AMP and speakers are HK.

You might try for a good used or contact a repair shop to see if they can repair the unit?

Here are all the TSBs I have from this era when I worked at the dealer.

Good Luck!!

15-03 Radio Selectable Features.pdf (26.3 KB) 15-26 In Car Entertainment – Radio Inoperative.pdf (27.5 KB) 15-27 CD Button Inoperative.pdf (23.8 KB) 15-29 Automatic Volume Control.pdf (15.2 KB) 15-31 Incorrect Speaker Mapping.pdf (18.7 KB) 15-32 Poor AM Reception.pdf (11.7 KB) 15-40 CD Autochanger – Transit Screws.pdf (87.7 KB) 15-41 Radio & CD Autochanger Compatibility.pdf (80.6 KB) 15-43 Poor Sound Quality.pdf (85.2 KB) 15-45 Poor Antenna Mast Operation.pdf (150.2 KB)