Harness routing behind speedometer and tachometer

I have searched the archives and come up empty.
How is the dash harness routed through the steering wheel support on a series 2? I am reusing the old harness so it has some memory of where it was. If I have to fight it into position there must be something incorrect… On the left of the steering support I have all the wires for the speedometer, coming out the top I have a grouping that includes a 4 pole connector. Nothing seems to want to exit the right hand opening, Is this correct? Thanks

See if these offer any clues (1969 S2):

69 Coupe

Bill, I did my S2 recently also, with all new harnesses. I only have 2 suggestions:

  1. I installed my wiring and THEN installed the steering column brace, moving the harnesses around a little to avoid any stress/unnecessary tension.

  2. Very Important - make sure you have your heater ducting in place. It’s very hard to try and thread the tubing thru the wiring!

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Here’s a few from my '69 during disassembly.

Just what I needed Thanks