Harry's Garage interesting video

Harry’s Garage is paying special attention in his XJC.
Complete paint job and engine out.
Good thing to see a revival of interest on the XJ on a mainstream channel!
This is part two of what is to become a series until the job is done.


I really do enjoy Harry’s petrol headed shenanigan’s… in the first episode when they were looking at the car the guy restoring it said it would cost between £15- £20K, and I laughed, now he has sent the engine away to have it rebuilt and with everything else this will end up thick part of £30K easy…

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As with nearly all the car restoration/repair costs on classics, it won’t be worth what he’s going to spend but that’s normal for a privately owned classic. It’s why it’s nearly always better to buy a car someone else has restored. I reckon to get back about half what I spend on mechanical, trim or bodywork in increased value, the balance is the cost of my hobby and I suspect it’ll be the same for him in this case.

Cheapest fix on that car? A bit of sound deadening and foam on the inside of the roof will sort the tinny sound.

Very intrigued by the idea of a quick revving V12 and a manual box to make a great sounding, fairly quick hot rod / Grand Tourer, though with a 700kg (!!) engine/gearbox the car will always be 1850kg to move around.

I watched his little Zagato Lancia Fulvia video - that thing looked pretty cool and should be very usable as a road car though I suspect may end up costing the same or more to fix up

Made me realise how rust free my car is … I think. Will definitely keep an eye on this. And what colour do you think he’ll go for? I’d vote Lavender Blue, it’s effectively purple and a period correct colour. My favourite XJ colour and I very nearly did my car in it.

I’m afraid he’s going to paint it some terrible color. What’s he got against Squadron Blue?

ya I’m really happy to see him fixing that thing up. God if I had a manual v12 XJC :thinking::thinking::thinking::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wish I could afford the same resto on my XJ. And a manual swap with it. What would it take to make the exhaust on my series 3 sound a little more like an e-type?

You replace the first pair of mufflers with straight through pipe.

Estimate x 2 = real cost !!!