Has anybody used this piping?

Evening guys, I am redoing a semi lightweight e type and the aluminium seats have a complete piping edge which consists of double piping with the seam line on the outside with a clean edge and the piping is made as such that it creates a channel to staple through and the pipe hides the staples. Question is, does anybody have the attachment for a sewing machine for this. MASSIVE ASK I KNOW… Iv tried always to do it manually and it’s just not right.

Most upholstery places have that. It’s called Hidem welt.


Thanks il have a look I appreciate it

This is used on Chris Craft Boat upholstery. yes, Hidem welt. If you want to sew it, check fabric/sewing stores for a sewing machine presser foot that adjusts so that you can sew on either side of the foot. though on the boat it was stapled in.

here’s a source for the welting:

The supplier I use actually stocks it so I ordered from them I just figured it was a dated technique. We live and learn. But I ordered for a Saturday delivery as the interior trim is going on Tuesday and they’ve failed to show :exploding_head: Squeeky bum time

It was the piped version I needed also