Has anyone ever lumped a 1963 MK10?

Looking at all options to keep my 1963 RHD MK10 on the road. DG250 leaks like a sieve and compression is down in engine. Sticking with stock could easily run north of 25K to get her mechanically back on the road not to mention all of the cosmetics.

Not sure if the John’s kit will work in this platform. John himself was not optimistic. I am considering using a variety of engine and transmission choices.

Loveland Colorado USA

Nissan Deisel :rofl:

Working on a serious post, not sure what you mean? AWG and I are interested in options.


Well its been done before so just remove the ROFL

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Any American V8 will fit easily! We had a 67 420G with Cadillac 502ci engine and turbo 400 auto trans.
Plenty of room.
But, not done with a kit…motor mounts made to fit.

Conversion done in Cali…can even get you the fella’s name, although he was quite a minimally bearable character (not unlike “John”, I might add…for those of you who have dealt John’s Cars, at least the way he was about 10 yrs ago…but people do change).

Let me know if you want the POC in CA.

Did he supply you with blueprints for the measurements or did he wing it! I have worked with several cantankerous mechanics over the years. Tele number would be fine for him. I don’t want to go all the way to California but perhaps he can make me a set of mounts?


No blueprints, I am positive

. It was an $85K-PLUS restomod. I’m attaching some pix taken during the work. BTW, the previous owner had the work done, and the story was that he died shortly after the completion, and, as usual, the kids did nto know what they had and dumped the car (which was fortunate for me).
The restorer/mechanic was Modern Classic Motors, Russ Sheperd, Phone: (510) 533-6469

Here is a basic description of what was done to the car:

"One of a kind custom designed sleeper. Vehicle Description 1967 Jaguar 420G Sedan This car will make you feel like a Rock Star. Fast and elegant, custom designed sleeper. 502 cubic engine combined with the luxury of a rare 420 G Jaguar. Extremely fast and sophisticated, completely redone. Here’s a list of what was what was done to it. Strip care to bare metal, pre prime and prime complete car. Sand block complete car for smoothness. Re-sand and prime again for fill. Wetsand complete car for preparation for painting. Pre-paint car one time complete and re-sand and polish complete car for final finish. A two part urethane paint (Silkkens). Upon completion of final finish all chrome siding, door, glass and front and rear glass, all molding, trim & bumpers are reassembled new front and rear glass window seals. It has a brand new Gear Vender overdrive unit. Engine compartment completely insulated before the installation of a brand new out of the crate 502 cubic engine. and transmission. make all necessary cuts and alterations to the transmission tunnel to accommodate 400 transmission. Fabricate front engine mounts and transmission cross member. Fabricate & weld all mounts. Remove drivers side header & fabricate to clear steering shaft. fabricate new power steering hoses & pullys. Fabricate radiator fan clearances. Fabricate radiator mounts. Fabricate radiator hose and install. Fabricate drive shaft and install. Fabricate all shifting linkage necessary for shifting fabricate throttle linkage and install. fabricate electrical system to accommodate new motor. Remove original front and rear suspension and replace with a completely rebuilt 1976 XJS suspension, complete with rack and pinion steering. Make all necessary measurements. Prepare frame for fabrication of all brackets for a XJS suspension conversion this includes sand blasting of all components and painting and reassembling, using all new related parts. Break upgraded and completely rebuilt all racing breaks and pads. All new air ducts to brakes complete exhaust system fabrication and installation. Removal of gas tanks, clean and reinstall: clean all fuel lines. Remove 502 engine and transmission for final foot welds & sealing, undercoating, and detail engine compartment & paint engine compartment. Reinstall 502 engine and transmission hook up all components for start up 4 new Pirelli Tires. Installed top of the line stereo system and ten cd changer, alarm. the car was rebuilt in 1998. The engine now has about 10,000 miles on it. at least 315 hours and $ 85,000 went into this amazing car. "

It does appear to be done correctly: that said, such a project has to be a labor of love.

ROLF rolling on the floor laughing.

Ok, Robin: Back away from the terps, mate…:grimacing:

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I didnt realise your motor was crook as well.

Cost wise, you have a few options

Apart from installing a later XJ driveline,

I have a MKX 4.2 shell that apparently had a Ford motor and unknown trans (removed before I picked it up)

A Ford FMX trans is the same as a BW8/12, and thus should fit in the trans tunnel, which is difficult to modify, as it is a boxed structure. Not sure on dimensions of the Ford 4 speed AOD

A Ford 289 engine has been in Jags…I imagine a larger Ford V8 would fit.

It is difficult to modify the firewall area, as it is twin-skinned

The steering column and box get in the way…it is essential you check the exhaust will clear on a V8

Someone in our Club has a Nissan motor in their Jag, cant remember details, think it is an XJS

Peder and others have XJ40 4speed AOD in theirs…quite expensive I believe

I found a local guy who is going to have a look and see if he is interested. He has swapped in 700R4’s to older Jaguars in the past. I see that my 1967 420 has an alternator and a separate p/s modern unit. I could easily put these into the MK10 and save 100 Kilos!

Is it possible to install rack and pinion in the MK10 getting rid of the 50 year old technology?


Second question please: I have the FSM and it shows the tightening order of the head bolts. It the removal of the acorn nuts the reverse order shown in the fsm. I pretty sure I’ll have to hang this for several days to get the head off.


In the past I’ve either followed the FSM or done as you propose. Interested to hear how the engine is inside and hope that you can get away with it. I paid AUD$6000 for a very well and completely rebuilt Jaguar all synchro box and similarly rebuilt overdrive. Also came with a bellhousing, flywheel and sundry bits and pieces. Best move I’ve made on my Mk2 so far. A modern auto on the back of your 4.2 would be nice. Paul.

This would be my dream project, if I had the time and the budget: I’d convert it to electric.

Something like this:

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It’s been probably 15 years or so but after I acquired my XJS I was surfing the internet and stumbled upon a blog where the owner of a MK10 was putting a jag v12 in his car along with other modern amenities.
Pretty sure the blog was in one of the Scandinavian countries. I remember this individual was very adept at what he was doing. I was impressed with extent he was documenting his endeavor.
Don’t know if it would be possible that its still up on the internet but would worth while to checkout if it was.
This individual owned several Jag saloons.
Sorry for the thread hijack.

Not a blog, but was it this guy?

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a popular and relatively easy lump in the 70s pacific coast of canada was a good 350ci chev with a good turbo 350 trans, uprated torque converter and a shift kit. there may still be some cars out there some of which have bizarre customizing. one of the advantages to this is you can get lots of performance upgrades inexpensively. i had a healthy 3.8 and they just walked away from me. i don’t think you need to do much to suspension but 420 g brakes are an improvement as is the steering.