Has anyone ever lumped a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow?

I know it’s a jaguar forum but this is the type of question that would get the pitchforks out at the RROC forum so I thought I would ask here. I’d actually be interested in knowing the the Jaguar IRS / IFS can be swapped over so as to do away with the steering rack , hydro suspension and brakes also.


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Al! You’re just the man to do it!
Its funny because I’ve thinking it would be fun to lump a Bentley.

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Anything can be fitted to anything, if you are determined enough.

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Hi Al,

WHY haven’t there been any YT videos on your channel lately? I’ve been wondering if you were ok!

I have 3 Rolls Royces that have been converted to a Chevy 350! I wish they were fuel injected! They are a 1962 Silver Cloud, 1979 Shadow and 1982 Spur! My other 3 Rolls are low mileage original, including a 81 Corniche. I absolutely love the converted cars! The brake system is GM as well! There is no kit available. All mounts, etc. has to be fabricated! I bought mine converted (after hours/months searching nationwide)! I have a 1980 Wraith currently that is going through a GM brake system conversion. It has the original motor.

I sold last week a 1978 converted Shadow for $38,000! My RR puriest friends predicted it would sell for no more than $5000 (because they said it was a “bastard”)! The buyer did not negotiate!



@Richard_Greene - It’s good to hear from you. It’s been around 110 degrees in DFW until recently which makes it around 400 degrees in that steel building :slight_smile:

I’ll have check your car out at some point. I have that fire damaged silver shadow that I would not mind converting. It’s good to know that the brakes can be converted.

Yes: Icon Derelicts did it the best!

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Yea… one that will now be reliable, and easily repairable.

@Jeff_Schroeder … this true?


In my shop, yes. I honestly don’t mind lumps, I just flat detest SBC’s and LS conversions.

Overdone, over appreciated and overly boring.

The Roller V8 is effectively indestructible, and matches the character of the car (effortlessly pushes a Cloud into the triple digits, even in the thin air), but I get it on a Shadow - too many built / a never ending supply are driveway weights.

So… if I lumped one with an XK engine, or better yet, a 270 Jimmy, you’d be down widdat?