Has anyone experienced the Pirelli Cinturato P5 on and E type?


At the end of the 1970s at the request of Jaguar, Pirelli developed the P5 https://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/pirelli-collezione/p5.html which was homologated for XJ6, XJ12, XJS and later XJ40.

I wondered if any e type guys had tried them?

I would have thought it was something that was done at the time, because it would have been a very accessible tyre at the time, because it was standard on Jaguar in the late '70s on XJ6, XJ12 and XJS. Personally i would have thought it a bit modern and would suggest that the CN12 https://www.lucasclassictires.com/215-70VR15-PIRELLI-CINTURATO-CN12-P215CN12.htm were a more suitable 205/70VR15 for the E-Type.

Have 205x70 P5 on my E. 2000 miles. The lookes fit the era. Don’t have anything to compare to but think they are great. Had Pirellies previous and they were replaced because of age. 25 yrs.
Would purchase them again

Please tell me you weren’t driving on 25-year-old tires…:persevere:

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Can i guess that the Pirelli you have taken off were the old P4000.

Can i also guess that the steering is a little lighter, faster and more precise with the P5.

i would also guess that the P5 will give a ligher ride. I think when i had a series 3 XJ12 i read somewhere that they had adjusted the suspension to suit the stiffer side wall of the P4000.

i would also guess that if you drive it hard round the bends on the throttle the P5 will be a little more progressive than the P4000.

But yep, a comparison between lovely new rubber, wouldn’t really be fair compared to anything 25 years old. I would also be scared driving on something that old.

Just looked, and the 25 year old tires were P5 also. The old and new versions are not identical
The new ones are 1/4 inch wider at the tread face. Not the same mold. And no I didn’t drive on the 25 yr old tires. Although they look new.
When hanging the tail out on corners they respond smoothly to the right foot input.

keep working that right foot.

i’m driving to work in 1928 Austin 7 today and what i do with the right foot has little effect.


I have just made this film about tyres for an XJ6

which shows you the P5

Longstone…Gtjoey here!
The last set of cinturatos for my 66 Etype make the car fun to drive again!
You got grey but me too!
Love your videos!


I might be grey, but your car is still sexy

Thanks I’m in your league too… Enjoy
The Cinturatos are wonderful for the old dancing chuckabke drive

And for Leopard print that jacket is pretty Foxy

Hey, you two - get a room! :slight_smile:

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Someone had to take the torch over from PETE! :wink:
I love those tires for that car…It feels period correct and they play the part…I had 6 inch wheels with michelin defenders for awhile but to MY EYE the propotions looked off, Yes the car drove like a 2020 car but, it wasnt as fun. You lost the chuckability with the bigger treads.
Now on my old coupe driving 24/7 thats another story.