Has anyone found a source for this part?

It’s the rubber boot that covers the ignition wires (this pic is from an S2)…

My ignition switch wires are exposed for quick hot wiring!!

Dennis 69 OTS

I feel your pain. I’m looking for the metal bracket that holds the ignition switch to the steering column and it too is elusive.

I searched and searched for the rubber boot over the ignition switch. Could not find one. I ended up using black polyurethane caulk to stick the shreds of mine back together. It didn’t come out too bad. A piece of large black heat shrink tubing would also do the job. It would be sacrificial if you needed to get under it.

Why couldn’t you use a short piece of bike inner tube?

How about heat shrink tube? You could get some large stuff and put it on and shrink it until it is a sung fit on the switch. Even the right color.

Could one be made from the same material used on the wheel well dirt and water deflectors?

That’s what’s currently installed in my car!


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Good suggestions. Thanks! I think the large shrink tube has the most promise. Now to find one with a large enough diameter!


Hey! I know that switch.

Guess I’m lucky to have that tube, though there isn’t much to it.

I’d be looking for a plastic tube (like a flexible plastic medicine bottle, or something from the spice rack or may even mini-MMs) cut a section, split it down one side and paint it satin black.

With it split you can just snap it on and even if the split did not quite meet it would be out of sight.

Thats the part BOB!
Get that and your golden

What would work would be a piece of EPDM roofing rubber Roll it into the proper diameter cylinder and glue it with a short overlap. Place the glued seam seam up toward the underside of the dash and no one would know but you.

EPDM roofs are essentially large rubber sheets that are an alternative to the usual multi ply tar and ballast flat roofs. If you know a roofer they might give you a piece of scrap.

Hi All…a large cable gland cover would do the job…not sure u call them the sam name in the US its a rubber cover that goes over a cable fitting as it enters a junction box, large sizes available…download

How about liquid electrical tape?