Has anyone got a 3.2l X300 registered in Germany?

I am trying to get my Italy import registered here in Germany. It would be helpful to have a copy of German paper for the 3.2l, preferably a manual. I have a copy of the papers for my X305 XJ12, but that won’t be much help.
Can anyone help me out with a copy of their papers? Name, address and registration can be blacked out.


Hallo Harald,

ich kann dir die Papiere für einen 1995 4.0 Sovereign (leider Automatik) schicken. Hilft dir das weiter?


Hallo Chris,

es hat nun schon so geklappt, aber trotzdem danke für das Angebot!

And for the non German speakers: I have already manged to get the car registered here in Germany. Sorry for not updating this thread.