Has anyone seen these?

(NaplesGuy) #1

Reading through my newly acquired edition of “Jaguar XK140 Explored” I came across this diagram of a “lever boot clamp” - one on the gear lever gaiter and another on the handbrake lever. (pictures attached).
Has anyone ever seen these before? Anyone with pictures of them? They look like small leather straps…


(Raccoonman) #2

Rubber covered metal? They’d look flash made of brass. Just thinking out loud.

(John) #3

The ones on my xk120 look just like the drawings and they are bare metal of some sort. Don’t know about xk140’s

(Eric Capron) #4

One of the regulars on the what we used to call the list (in the days before we were modernised and Charles Bishop posted nearly every day) made some and I bought a couple. They are very nicely made repros. It was quite a while ago. It might have been Tadek but I’m not sure. Anyway, he’ll read this and confirm if it was him.

Shropshire, UK

(PhilW) #5

About a year or two ago we did a 190SL at the shop (only a small step into the “Dark Side”) and they used them on the air vent ducting. A new kit from some MB vendor gave about 6 feet of flat strap, clips, and pins. I don’t know who to contact or how much, but you’ll have enough to grant to generations. It’s an exact copy. Must have been common in Europe.


(Lynn Cunningham) #6

Yes, I have those exact clamps on my 140 OTS. The interior was redone about 8 years ago and the clamps were include in the re-do. The leather goods came from SNG Barratt, but I just checked their web site and they don’t list the hardware. No idea where they must have come from and the person who did my work is no longer in business. They must have been a common piece in the British Industry, maybe some other marque restorer has a source.

(Roger Payne) #7

The XK140 EXPLORED drawings are made up from photos I supplied of the original clips on my September 1955 XK140MC OTS. When writing up this page of XK140 EXPLORED I was satisfied that these clips were correct/as fitted to all XK140s despite many restored cars not refitting them, and many unrestored cars being lost. You cannot be 100% certain, but in this case good enough (I think). There is some debate re extent of clips being fitted on all XK120s or not, certainly there are many confirmed examples of clips being originally fitted, but not enough to claim all XK120s were.

And Eric - I am pretty sure you are correct that it was Tadek that made up reproduction clips for his XK120 restoration (that did have original clips), but only a handful of extras of which I also received a couple - but don’t believe this was a project to commercially supply clips. Tadek can comment (if he wants to).

I am not aware of another source of reproduction clips, so maybe this current thread may flush something out.

(Terry McGrath) #8

they are are bare metal say zinc plated common to all XK120-150’s. from memory the early 120’s doesn’t have one on handbrake
I believe you could adapt the can opener of an old tin of sardines!
but seriously they use to be available ex UK

(NaplesGuy) #9

Very interesting information! I am trying very hard to make my XK140 OTS as close to original as possible so I really appreciate everyone’s comments. If there is someone out there that still has a supply please message me? Hate to resort to buying cans of sardines :slight_smile:

Also, Roger my sincere compliments on the amazing quality and content of XK140 EXPLORED. It’s a truly amazing publication!

Thanks all!

(David Langley) #10

SNG Barratt has them (at least i says they do on their website). Part # BD7738/1.


(Bob K.) #11


See attached pic. This version is “almost” identical to Roger’s information except slightly wider and chromed instead of zinc plated. Look for these straps at suppliers of (vintage) motorcycle parts as they are used for the rubber gaiters on the front fork. Available in various sizes. Mine came from the UK and were used on British post war bikes. Cannot remember the supplier.

Bob K.

(wardell) #12

I have exactly that item on the gear lever gaiter on my MK9. Brass and unplated.

(Mike Balch) #13

I[quote=“Roger_Payne2, post:7, topic:370345”]
I am not aware of another source of reproduction clips, so maybe this current thread may flush something out.
Be aware that XKs Unlimited sells this style clip under part number 16 1550 for about $6.00 each. However, their clips are 2-3 times as large as the originals and would look ridiculous if installed on the leather gaiters of an XK. Other vendors may also be supplying these over-sized clips.

The clips Tadek sourced some years ago were by all accounts exact in size and style as the originals.

(Rob Reilly) #14

Hey, I’m in luck, the aftermarket 1950s era heater I removed from my '38 SS has them.

Strap width is 7/32" and cotter pin is 1/8". Cad plated.
Must work good enough for sealing anti-freeze in hoses. Looks like they are a one time use though. Feed the strap through the cotter pin, pull it tight with pliers and bend it over. Don’t see any makers mark.

The square buckle and strap are two pieces, folded over and through to make the buckle and around the hose twice and through the cotter pin.

Couldn’t get much cheaper than this.

(NaplesGuy) #15

Good tip Bob! I’ve found this by searching “british fork gaiter clips”. Does this match what you have? It does not use a cotter pin however…



(Rodney ) #16

With a bit of work and a cotter pin Laser tools 3174 steel band may work. these are listed for CV joint boots. 6.3mm wide.

(NaplesGuy) #17

Yes! Thanks David! I just ordered them…

(NaplesGuy) #18

Thanks everyone!


(Terry McGrath) #19

I thought that somehow the cotter pin/split pin was designed to be wound up which tightened it?

(NaplesGuy) #20

Just got an email that my order has shipped. When I get them I will post pictures.