Has anyone seen these?

(NaplesGuy) #21

Here’s what I received today from SNG Barratt.
Pictures attached…

(Tadek) #22

It was me :slight_smile:
I still have a number of them left.

The ones I have are pretty identical, here is a comaprison to original clip I had on my car.


(Terry McGrath) #23

that is it I believe you wind the pin to tighten it

(Tadek) #24


First you fit it round, maybe 2 times, then through the slot and then you wind it.
I should have a good photo of it handy somewhere.


(Rob Reilly) #25

You can get maybe a quarter turn if you want it to not leak anti-freeze.
For a handbrake lever sleeve, just fold it over.

(Ed Nantes) #26

Depending on which country and which idiom, the pins shown here can and are referred to as split pins, a cotter pin being what Rob’s SS has in the brake rod yokes…in effect a bolt with a hole instead of a thread. there being held from working loose by split pins.
Handy to remember if ordering from a country where those descriptions are used. My factory parts book refers to them as “pins, split”

(Andrew Waugh) #27

They’re fairly common on British cars from the '50s. We have a universal CV boot strapping kit which uses soft steel Zinc plated strapping of both sizes, so it’s easy for me to replace the strap. I can’t remember the name of the stuff now, I’ll have a look next time I’m in the shop.

(Rob Reilly) #28

I guess this British company in Northampton couldn’t make up their mind what to call them.

The parking brake cable end yoke is also called a clevis and the main pin a clevis pin, which is held by a split/cotter pin. :smile: