Has the site changed lately, am I the only one experiencing display issues?

Has something changed with the website?
As of today, Edge doesn’t completely load the forum. I get to “please support Jag-Lovers!” and that’s it. A blank browser. This is new, like the first time ever. New. I try to keep the number of browsers to a minimum on my system. I don’t like Chrome (Google sells your browsing history) - to be polite. Foxfire has some serious security holes in it - So I don’t use it.

That Leave IE and Edge. right now IE is the only browser that I have that works. Also, when I scrolled down to the Pre XK (jags) all of the text is a cell that is about 2 characters wide. so its a couple pages down to get to anything past PreXK’s.

Oh, probably should’ve started with this. You guys are doing a great job! I own a tech company, I know what it takes to keep a site like this going, and secure. That’s why my website has been under construction for over a decade. Oops…

Any just a heads up, and keep up the good work. You guys rock!

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I have no issues works as normal !

Hi MLee,

Try Brave.com It’s pretty new and has excellent no ads, no tracking features. I and some nerds I know have been trying it for almost a year.

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I started getting that about a week ago. I decided to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 to see if that solved the problem. It did.

My computer does it in both Edge and Firefox. It actually started or at least I remember it having started after I installed new version of Norton 360, been aiming to ask son-in-law about it since he’s an IT guru.


Here are two relevant posts from the developers of Discourse (the forum software that we use here on Jag-lovers).

First, the official announcement that support for Internet Explorer ends on June 1st, 2020

(Please note that they say “IE11”, but that includes all previous versions also.)

Second, their notes on Microsoft Edge, which is a more complex subject. Basically, Microsoft is replacing the internals, the “engine” if you will, of Edge with Chromium from Google. This doesn’t mean that Edge will become identical to Chrome, but they will be using the same internals from now on.

If I understand things correctly, all users of the newer versions of Windows 10 will get the updated Chromium version of Edge automatically, through Windows Update, starting on January 15, 2020.

If you’re impatient, you can download the new Edge right now, directly from Microsoft:


Interestingly, this also brings Microsoft Edge to macOS, for the first time.


Thank you Gunnar for getting back to me. I ran across this article a day or two ago. I’ve fixed things on my end.

Thank you again for your response. Very much appreciated.




I already have. that is how I resolved this issue. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Gunnar - I also get the issue when navigating to https://jag-lovers.com that others were talking about. Nothing loads except for the “Please Support Jag-Lovers!” button. This is on an up-to-date Windows 10 machine with both the newest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

My work-around has been to navigate directly to the forums subdomain: https://forums.jag-lovers.com
works fine from there.


Update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge
you’ll know you have the new edge because the “E” is gone now its some weird ass swirly thing.

I had the same issue, and the new Edge fix it.

Also make sure you’re current on Windows 10. The latest rendition is 1909. Click on the windows button, then the gear, then about. About middle of the page it will list which release you’ve got.

The problem is that that site adress is www.jag-lovers.com, not jag-lovers.com. We need to do a little config to make it work correctly without the www.

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I don’t use Edge. Just tested on regular Chrome and Firefox. Both completely updated on Windows 10 machine with all recent windows updates.

Interesting. This is fairly recent because the issues I had were with saved bookmarks that worked until recently. Oh well, no big deal - just letting you know.

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I’ve made some configuration changes and the problem should be fixed now. At least it works in my testing using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


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Chrome track and sell your browsing history. This is not okay with me. Both Chrome and Firefox consume a ton of resources and keep running in the back ground even after you’ve closed the browser. again not cool with me.
Both Chrome and Firefox are susceptible to phishing scams. fake "your PC is infected or fake blue screen (scams).
I’ve owned a small IT company that provides support to dental and real estate offices. One of my office refuses to use anything but Chrome, and complains why their system gets compromised “all the time” (fairly frequently). I tell her to stop using Chrome and stay off the porn sites. She owns the company so not much I can say. Just for two months.

She now uses the new Edge. doesn’t get the “Ads” and her system hasn’t been compromised (yet).

For what ever that’s worth.

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You realize Edge is now based on Chromium?

Either way, browser preference is a sidetrack. The issue was with the site responding properly when accessed as just jag-lovers.com without the www. AFAIK that issue has been resolved, please let me know if it hasn’t.



I would like to say yes I did know that, but ummm…. No I didn’t…. I use it because it doesn’t keep running in the background mostly because I turned that feature off. I now it’s supposed to download the mostly used pages – but I don’t care.
When I close an app I want it to CLOSE.

You’re right, The weird thing is; I access it via the jag-lovers.com sans the www. I think there’s setting somewhere I’d look it up, but I’m too tired right now. Anyway I believe there is a setting that will automatically prepend the www
if the page fails sans the www.

I’m so tired, I abandoned a ½ written post



Hi Gunnar. It has been resolved for me.