Has the value/price of XK engines risen suddenly?

As in the header, I have been checking the price of XK engines of late and asking prices seem high. Even in UK, ebay prices are high, up to two or three thousand pounds for E Type engines. An XJ6 engine on ebay Australia recently sold for almost $2000, and the only work done was some rings and a valve grind.
Am I mistaken or are we seeing an increase in value?

There are still some good buy’s to be had

I’m in the wrong country: I just gave one away, and I’m about to throw another one away!

:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Last week started a clean-up around the shop. The boss sent a MK2 to the crusher that still had the 3.8 and 4sp/od, but no suspensions (made it hard to move). Local ad brought no response. I did save a 140 front fender out of the back seat. A '60’s Alfa and a V12 E engine and auto trans went too.

But now we have lots of room to gather more junk for the next 20 years again.


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4.2 XJ engines are as cheap as chips but a big valve head or set of wide blade rods might easily sell faster than a complete engine, due to ease of shipment/storage.

Good 3.4/3,8 engines are getting scarce and becoming worth more as a result.

Top of the tree are E-Type engines. Just a sump is $800-ish. It’s not that they’re much better, but they enhance the value of an expensive in-demand car if it has been fitted with an XJ or other non-original engine.