Having a bit of a fettle - MK VIII


I have a problem fitting a front quarter-light window. There doesn’t appear to be any adjustment up/down, or forward/back. There is a bottom pivot point, which I have managed to “re-engineer” to throw forward a couple of millimetres and this is sufficient, but the top/centre pivot cannot be altered to give the required few millimetres forward. The main frame cannot be expanded to help the situation. I am wondering about having a little ground off the back of the glass, but this would mean I have to also grind away the same amount at the top of the window frame, exposing the metal beneath the chrome. Has anyone dealt to this issue?

(Andrew Waugh) #2

I’m not all that familiar with the MK VIII, but…

Are you sure you’ve got the right frame and NDV? The gap around NDV windows is usually around 1/8", which is filled by the rubber seal. I suspect that if you’re having trouble fitting the NDV then you’ve got either the wrong windowframe, or NDV. Another possibility is (if the NDV construction is similar to the later saloons) that the channels aren’t fitted snug up to the glass.

Here’s a picture of the S-Type NDV in the disassembled state:

(tony) #3

dont be grinding yet, post some pics of the issue, using the upload arrow, and some explanation will no doubt become apparent


Hope these help. Gap is OK at bottom, but hits the pillar at the top. There is no adjustment on the upper pivot point.


Thanks for the reply. Those are similar. Mine are as were on the car when I bought it 35 years ago, so I think it’s a fair chance they are the right ones. I’ve added a picture of mine.

(tony) #6

if its been like that for 35yrs, possibly it was replaced at some time in the distant past?

I have found that various MKVII Doors will not fit my MKVIIm door aperture very well, they are different sizes!

looking at them, their isnt a lot of room for adjustment, other than take everything apart, sit the glass right down in the chrome trim, looks like the hole in the glass for the mid screw is big enough to allow a couple of mm down ? (from Andrews picture)

(Rob Reilly) #7

The chrome frames are the same part numbers BD8095/8096 for all Mark VIII and IX and later Mark VII, although early Mark VII used different numbers. The glass and molded rubber seals are the same part numbers BD5378, BD4883/4884 for all.
I would be looking at maybe your glass is not seated fully into the rubber channel as Andrew suggested.

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“Fettle”, my new word for the day. LOVE it!


Thanks for the reply. I’m just going around the car and doing all the little jobs that have annoyed me for years, but that weren’t bad enough to make the car unusable. I don’t think it’s the fitting of the glass, though, as the glass is flush with the frame and if the glass were moved further into the channel the frame would still knock against the pillar. You can still close the window with a bit of a tug, but it doesn’t seal against the rubber.