Having great difficulty with rear hub install

1986 Federal S-III. Disengaged hub from drive shaft and pivoted down out of the way. Pulled drive shaft to replace a bad U-joint. Replaced both joints reattached shaft to differential. Reinstalled shock/spring unit. I have tried for several hours now to get the splined shaft end into the hub mating splines, but something is not lining up. Seems it should be a simple task. Rotate hub up whilst adjusting shaft position to center it then turn outer flange to engage splines and slide into place. I cannot get the shaft to pass through the hub. Any ideas on how best to accomplish this task? I am just about ready to disassemble the hub fulcrum bolt/bearing to get this completed.

Clean up the splines and apply a smear of anti sieze…should just slip in but may need tapping i …Steve

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Steve H. Thank you for your response. I ended up removing the bearing hub for further inspection of the problem. After cleaning both the hub splines and the drive shaft with petrol the problem became obvious. there were deformities to the splines both in the hub and on the shaft at the mating surfaces. A careful and quick job with the Dremel tool and small diameter grinding tip removed any offending malformities. Cleaned again and tried a dry fit before reassembly. The two pieces now mated nicely. Reassembled everything and am now ready for a road test to see if that eliminated my rear wheel free play. Checked with the original .129 end float spacer and .001 play. Nice looking XK150. :slight_smile: