Hazardous undertaking. Need help with lights

All three show no current with the dumb light with #7 powered up. Which is what scares me because two of those Grn/brn come out of the harness. Although I did not pull them out of the connector because I can reach the bullets with the ice pick of the trouble light.

I will double check these and also David’s Ideas when I can get out there again. Have three grandkids visiting and right now waiting for the plumber to come do a repair.

Ah get the plumber to fixit while he’s there !:smiley:

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are you trying to infer that my car is a toilet? :broken_heart:

OK just had a second. The backup light is lit but not flashing.

I have to revisit the wiring hook ups. That backup light connection must have to remain empty?

BTW, plumber just left, toilet fixed. Grandson happy, doesn’t have to go “all the way” upstairs.

I presume that the backup light is lit when you are in reverse gear with power to Fuse#7 - correct? If you take the gearbox out of reverse gear (and leave power on Fuse #7) does the light go out, stay on, or start to flash? [It should, of course go out, but if the output of the flasher (also on a Green/Brown wire) is also plugged into the backup light, it will now start to flash]

What do you mean by “that backup light connection must have to remain empty”? If the backup light goes out when you take the gearbox out of reverse, and doesn’t flash (the turn signal is still on, right?), then this whole discussion about the backup light was a red herring - just leave it as it was. Still worth investigating though, as the wire color being the same is a recipe for a misconnection.

there were several empty connectors on the car when disassembled yet, everything was working.

That grn/brn connector is not live when the #7 is powered, it seems to be getting power from the directionals grn/brn.

Will continue to investigate.

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take out of reverse…reverse lamp goes out.

I now have R and L directional lights although the left is noticeably dimmer than right but, the dash indicators are not working.

Welllll… many dollars are flushed down these Jaguar-shaped conveniences…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well that’s progress. The dim one suggests that there is a high resistance connection somewhere on that side. Clean up the connectors and the earth connection on that light fixture.

The dash indicator problem could be several things. I’d start by seeing if you have a flashing on and off signal on the 3rd terminal on the flasher can - labelled ‘P’ I think.

turning on directionals…Lights flash but no flashing at P.

However when I power at the voltage regulator stud and turn on the hazards…I get an indicator flash there and isn’t that the same P lug that powers the hazard panel light? edit: No it isn’t the hazard has it’s own flasher,

If there is no ON-OFF-ON-OFF… signal at the P terminal of the turn signal flasher when the turn signals are flashing you have a faulty turn signal flasher unit. Before tossing it I would first remove the wire(s) (Light Green) from the terminal and retest just in case there is a wiring fault downstream of the flasher unit. If you still get no ON-OFF on the P terminal when the turn signals are flashing, then the flasher unit is toast. This is quite common and ,assuming that you haven’t replaced your turn signal bulbs with LEDs, a replacement 3-terminal flasher unit can be sourced at your local FLAPS.

SO!..here’s where we are. I wired up some temporary 12 v lights to the front directionals and suddenly all the directionals work, the indicators on the dash work, and the P terminal on the flasher is giving a flashing power signal! and I was using incandescent on the rears to begin with.

What do you think about that?

I disconnected the LF temp. turn light and problem returned. I then wired its car ground to the same ground as the temp light to see if the ground made a difference and it did not. I replaced the wires to the temp light and it worked again.

Then I tried replacing the incandescent dash indicator bulb with an LED and it still worked…however the LED is blue and flashes blue so I guess I best return to the incandescent to get the proper green flash. I don’t have any green LED dash bulbs hanging around.

Am i done with this job?

I thought we said that earlier that you needed full load to make it all work… ah well good fun figuring it out …. Though very frustrating for you

I thought we said “adequate” load. two incandescent lights was enough for flashers., Initially I only had RH directionals. That turned out to be wiring and they were working with only two rear lights hooked up and flashing current was detectable at the front. BUT the indicator lights on the dash would not work until I hooked in temporary front lighting. I don’t recall anyone suggesting that the indicator lights needed more load.

Good fun? When it’s a little farther in the rear view mirror.

My sincere thanks to David and Danny for pitching in on this one.

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a belated electronic beer for you, John.
I got the LH directionals going when I discovered that the grn/brn from the harness had pulled out from the connector. Why? Becuase ******* Wm Lyons had left the grn/brn from the harness about 1 1/2 inches shorter than all the other leads. This caused extra tension and that 3 wire connector was at the bottom of that bundle of snakes and I spent a painful several minutes under there bending wires around to actually find it. Tugged them all close enough and put the errant wire in, gave it a gentle pinch with needle nose pliers to hopefully retain it forever, never to be messed with again. Then I moved on to the next problem.

Just wanted to give you credit.

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