HD Radio not working

On top of my A/C issue, another issue has arisen in the past few days. The HD Radio in my car has begun working intermittently. I know over in Europe, the cars have a DAB module which commonly goes out, but I’ve been able to find very little info on cars which instead have HD Radio. Anyone else have this issue, and if so, what needed to be done to fix it? I’m assuming there’s an equivalent module in my car which is beginning to go out, but want to do my research before I declare it the culprit.

Being in the UK, my car has a DAB receiver but looking in the shop manual, it says that the NAS alternative to DAB is radio reception via a satellite receiver working on the Sirius system not an HD receiver. Perhaps this got changed to HD in later models but I guess the receiver is in the same place. My manual 2008/9 covers up to R47514. I guess I would start with the easy things and check the antenna connections.

Eric, I read that too. My car is equipped with satellite radio, but I’ve never used it as I don’t subscribe to that service, so I don’t have a way of determining if that doesn’t work either. At this point, I may just try to find a used receiver and replace it hoping for the best. Doing so would likely be substantially cheaper than taking my car to the dealer for an official diagnosis.