Head gasket tips?

I have a composite HG. Any tips on fitting ? Does it go on dry ? It isn’t marked which way up.

Dry. I used this one, which was stamped for orientation. I purchased it from Bill Terry at

Thanks Mike
Do you have a picture of the middle? SNG don’t know such side is up so I may as well copy yours. This is what mine looks like on both sides.

Unfortunately, no. I took those photos before I installed the head so I would know which gasket I bought if the question ever came up. I would say that our gaskets are similar in construction, but differ in some details. My recollection is that the OEM application for EAC8349 was for a European/home market 3.4L XJ6. I use an early 4.2L straight port head and this gasket matched up to the coolant passages in that head.